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IBM’s advanced analytics helps Bollywood film makers predict beforehand the outcome of their upcoming movies. 

On the heels of Flipkart’s second outage due to a spike in traffic, IT leaders from Snapdeal, Myntra talk about the challenges of preparing e-commerce platforms for surges in traffic.

The stark reality of women being victims of gender-based income disparity was brought to light in a recent research report by monsterindia.com

The folks at Happiest Minds know that a healthy body leads to a happy mind. And the way to that was wearable tech.

Julia King

It's up to each one of us to figure out what in the daily surge of data is useful, what's crap and what's truly valuable.

IT bellwether TCS scripted history by becoming the first Indian company to stage a grand entry into the  Rs 5 lakh crore market cap club.

According to CIO Mid-Year Survey 2014, Indian CIOs are placing big bets on the SMAC stack to stay ahead of the curve.

As the enterprise IT trends of mobility, analytics, and cloud computing gain steam, they mark a significant change in the role of a CIO.

Bernard Golden
VP-Strategy,ActiveState Software

Contrary to what case studies tell you, most IT departments aren't quite ready to support cloud infrastructure.

An overwhelming 78.1 percent CIOs stated that they would spend more than the previous year on security management and planning in the current year.

Martin Bishop

A recent Forrester survey showed that 43% of IT organizations have listed IaaS as a high or critical technology priority, up from 33% in 2011.

IT leaders need to understand that today users have a greater influence on IT strategy and that organizations need to frame policies around creating digital workplaces, says a Gartner report.

Companies interested in moving to cloud computing are increasingly choosing a private cloud for the increased security and, often, compliance features instead of the public cloud, according to a recent survey.

Vijay Ramachandran
Editor-in-chief,IDG Media

Rather than a CIO, a different CXO needs to champion data as a strategic corporate asset and revenue driver.

On Thursday, Satya Nadella charted a new course for Microsoft, focused on interconnectivity and productivity.

Companies including MITRE are looking at privileged access and how to better lock it down -- without stopping employees from doing their jobs.

A leadership role is an exciting adventure, filled with an overwhelming need to ensure you're ready to take on one of the greatest responsibilities of a career.

CIOs with an eye on mobility have probably spent a small fortune creating a private enterprise app store. 

On Thursday, Satya Nadella charted a new course for Microsoft, focused on interconnectivity and productivity.

Amit Agarwal, VP and Country Manager, Amazon India, says this announcement has nothing to do with Flipkart raising $1 billion in a fresh round of funding and that Amazon is aggressive about its growth plans in India.

Named Bot-SO, this robot acts as a remote home surveillance system and communicates with users through twitter to alert them about intruders.

Although big data still tops the Indian CIO’s list of most over-hyped technologies, the number of CIOs who believe that is coming down.

Compared to their peers who got a hike, these Indian CIOs are doing the right things but aren’t getting paid for it.   

According to CIO India’s Mid-Year Review 2014, increase in IT spend, focus on strategic and customer impact, and business readiness to clear IT projects, are three factors that Indian CIOs say will enable business growth.

Google's Thread standard for communication between devices connected to the Internet of Things joins several similar efforts.

Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart, says the outage was not due to an infrastructure failure. He says changes in the nature of traffic affect Flipkart’s complex algorithms, and throw up hidden choke points that don’t show up in routine stress tests.

According to CIO Research, more CXOs and LoBs are directly sourcing IT from vendors, despite the fact that IT leaders are trying to work more closely with them.

According to the CIO Mid-Year Review 2014, Indian CIOs are troubled by the paucity of skills in emerging technologies like cloud computing, mobility, BI and analytics.

The annual cost of cybercrime is either staggering, or a mere blip on the world's economic bottom line, depending on how you look at it.