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7 reasons to switch to microservices — and 5 reasons you might not succeed

Using a microservices approach to application development can improve resilience and expedite your time to market, but breaking apps into fine-grained services offers ...

The 6 c’s of success for c-suite execs

C-suite executives need a combination of leadership skills - namely the 6 c’s - in order to cultivate professional empowerment and help steer organisations to success, according ...


Getting IT to business

Malav Kapadia: Staying relevant in the digital era

Malav Kapadia: Staying relevant in the digital era
How United Breweries increased flexibility with cloud
Philips uses IT for better engagement
IoT helps J.M.Baxi Group optimize asset utilization
‘DVR for data’ gives TIAA deep insights into its digital business

Retirement wealth manager TIAA built an analytics system to gauge how its digital services are performing in real time, ...

No shortcuts! Do cloud requirements discovery right

The discovery phase is the weakest part of any cloud project, but getting it wrong can cost you dearly.

Gumtree modernises its CRM strategy with eye on AI use cases

The popular classified ads site is bringing its CRM strategy into the 21st century by shifting from simple email ...

Reverse mentoring: A unique approach to rejuvenating your IT culture

Aflac is pairing young apprentices with IT veterans to teach the vets new tech — and to breathe life into the ...

How to tell if AI or machine learning is real

False and misleading claims abound that applications and cloud services are now smart. Here’s how to identify true artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With iOS 11, Apple focuses on enterprise users

The new OS, due out this fall, doubles down on productivity, is more intuitive and makes the iPad Pro a device that can replace a PC for most tasks.

TCS unveils AI ignio for SAP operations

“Ignio is built to learn, resolve and protect a company’s enterprise IT infrastructure,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, Head of Global Sales for Software Products at TCS.