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Is simplicity the secret to social media success?

Successful social networks tend to abandon their original simplicity. Many of them instead take a 'Swiss Army knife ...

5 cutting-edge retail technology trends

You may not think of your local department store as a hub of innovation. But technology drives almost every step of the ...

Are Apple and Facebook bad for democracy?

Apple and Facebook are asserting themselves as gatekeepers of necessary information to the public. Can we trust them?

How to identify and thwart insider threats

Are you the type? Insider archetypes map and model personalities and behaviors that could be clues to the next attack ...

How News Corp is uniting 10 business units and 25,000 employees in a global IT push

'Initially, this was a very different way of working,' says Global CIO Dominic Shine

How CIOs are meeting the needs of customers in the 'mobile moment'

Customer journey maps, responsive design and a mobile-first mindset are key elements to a mobile IT strategy

Apple's Cook looks to grow its $25 billion enterprise business

During a keynote address in San Francisco yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the company's recent focus on the ...

How to craft an effective social media policy

Social media, HR and legal experts share their advice regarding the use of social media networks while at the office or ...

CIOs must cultivate the next business technology leaders

Companies must orchestrate succession plans at the lower levels of their IT organizations, mitigating risk that they ...

Don’t fear shadow IT -- exploit it and prosper

Business colleagues with a technical itch can be effective allies if you foster a sane, productive strategy around DIY ...

Agile: The good and the not so good

What are the positives and negatives related to deploying an Agile work environment?

Skills shortage, the IoT, and Cloud are major challenges of the industry: CompTIA

77 per cent of respondents said their organisations experienced difficulty in recruiting candidates or retaining staff ...

​Presenting to the board? Here are a few lessons

There is no prescribed formula for how CIOs can deal with the board, but there are some basic things to consider, said ...

The art of a successful tech company turnaround

Turnarounds are a bit of a passion for columnist and consultant Rob Enderle. More often than not they are done badly. ...

CIO seeks to build the ‘killer app’ for logistics

From office space to agile development, Echo Global Logistics CIO Tim Kutz is driving process efficiencies and shaking ...

How bimodal IT is helping companies hire and retain workers

Bimodal IT is a fairly new concept, but if you embrace it you can empower your workforce. With the right employees in ...

Women better judges of business models than men: Guy Kawasaki

Want to know if a new business model is going to fly? Ask women, says Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist at Sydney startup ...

5 ways to shore up security in your BYOD strategy

Despite years in the making, many security leaders are still wary about BYOD policy. Here are five ways to combine ...

Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever

With Device Guard and Credential Guard, Windows enjoys unprecedented protection from malware and advanced persistent ...

Big data projects gaining steam, but not due to the CIO

The number of big data projects businesses are kicking off is increasing, according to new data from Gartner. But other ...

Why enterprise digital transformation efforts stall

Most enterprises are likely to hit a roadblock after the initial stage of digital adoption. Everest Group calls this ...

Ch-ch-changes: Gartner’s top 10 emerging trends
5 conversations CIOs must have with their C-suite peers

Clothing retailer Uniqlo uses brain waves to match customers with t-shirts

The experiment dips into the emerging field of neuromarketing

CIOs must collaborate with a new ‘digital champion’ – the CEO

Although CIOs typically man the front lines of emerging technologies, CMOs, CDOs and, yes, now CEOs are spending more on IT to drive digital innovation.

What is the 'Safe Harbor' agreement?

Today's landmark ruling in the Europe versus Facebook case will change the way data transfers take place between the UK and the US - and are likely to affect the international ...

Disrupt or Be Disrupted in the Digital Economy

The reality is that there is an urgent need for today’s enterprises to drive their digital transformation, especially if they do not want to be disrupted in their industry


SAP is at the centre of today’s technology revolution. The market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps organisations fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.

PayPal steps it up with OpenStack

Payment pro PayPal recently migrated from VMware to OpenStack. Sri Shivananda, the man who spearheaded the migration talks about the rationale behind the move, and shares his two ...

Does security awareness training even work?

If even well-educated security experts mess up when it comes to security, can we really educate average employees to be more security aware?

How Applebee's uses gamification to retain staff, boost sales

One of the restaurant chain's largest franchise owners was suffering from high staff turnover rates, so it launched a custom gamification system that uses competition, recognition ...

The dark side of early retirement

Instead of working to retire early, smart folks tend to find work they enjoy so they don’t want to retire. Columnist Rob Enderle can’t understand why anyone would want to ...

Is BYOK the key to secure cloud computing?

Amazon, Adobe and Microsoft offer it but how realistic is it to “bring your own keys?” Do you want your business to have the burden of managing and securing your own cloud ...

Where are all the good Web developers?

If you’re having trouble finding them, ask yourself: Am I a bad client, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Why CIOs should worry about the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things brings with it the promise gee-whiz applications and life-changing innovation. But one thing’s for sure – there are as many questions as there will be ...

Do Indian tech companies really care about maternity?

While Flipkart, Intel and Infosys recently upgraded their maternity leave policies, is the tech industry really taking concrete steps to make jobs easier for women? 

Changing the IT conversation at Pfizer

CIO Jeff Keisling has led a new era of IT-business collaboration at the pharmaceutical giant, leading to breakthroughs on multiple levels.

Internet, mobile penetration gives birth to India’s rural e-commerce

Inthree, an e-commerce organization, through their web portal and app Boonbox, have been serving rural India with the wonders of technology advancements for the past six ...

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How CESC Leveraged SMAC to Become a Digital Organization

Riding on SMAC, CESC has gone from a company submerged in legacy to a completely digital one in just a year. Here’s how the company transformed. 

Mobility Helps Fertilizer Manufacturer Improve Fieldforce Productivity

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals has launched an application for its field force to improve real time visibility and grease their business wheels.

Women better judges of business models than men: Guy Kawasaki

Want to know if a new business model is going to fly? Ask women, says Guy Kawasaki, chief evangelist at Sydney startup Canva.

Millennials want to be leaders — but not without big salaries, perks

A new survey suggests millennial workers respect their bosses, look to them for motivation and want to become leaders themselves, but salary, workplace perks and high-end technology are more important to them than to older generations.

CIO seeks to build the ‘killer app’ for logistics

From office space to agile development, Echo Global Logistics CIO Tim Kutz is driving process efficiencies and shaking things up in the IT department.

Secure ‘Back-In-Vogue’ End Points in Shifting Landscape: Scott Lovett, Intel Security

Discrete solutions don’t work as organizations desire universal approach to suffice the challenge of managing five and six different management applications in their network says Scott Lovett, EVP, Intel Security.

The big greenfield cannabis cloud

How marijuana growers are leveraging big data analytics and cloud computing to boost productivity and sales

Free speech for computers, and nine other DARPA ideas

DARPA computer scientist and philosopher Paul Cohen wants you to think

​What is keeping you up at night?

CIOs reveal their biggest concerns: How to influence the culture of the business to adopt change and how to manage change and lead teams while going through it themselves.

Microsoft confirms Office 2016's release date: September 22

Microsoft’s productivity suite is getting real-time collaboration, with monthly feature updates for Office 365 subscribers.