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Toshiba today announced the development of the first 48-layer, three-dimensional flash memory.

Wells Fargo has adopted a two pronged approach to data—offense and defense—to effectively manage and leverage it in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

CIOs are looking for new ways to intelligently integrate the two clouds - public and private -into true hybrid cloud environments.

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Standard consumer SSDs will increase up to an astounding 10TB of storage, thanks to a new type of 3D NAND flash memory that Intel and Micron introduced Thursday morning.

Cisco Systems released firmware updates for several routers and switches that run its IOS and IOS XE software in order to fix flaws in their autonomic networking infrastructure (ANI) feature.

Michael Stonebraker is the recipient of the 2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award, a.k.a. the "Nobel Prize in Computing."

Live video streaming app Meerkat took Twitter by storm during SXSW earlier in March, and now Twitter has released its response. On Thursday, Twitter introduced Periscope, its own live video streaming app that will compete directly with Meerkat.

Ash Crick has many strings to his bow. He's been an IBM consultant, video producer, professional skydiver, and musician. These days, he's the chief technology officer (CTO) at Malaysia's iflix.

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group and affiliated online payment service Alipay are aiming to use facial recognition technology to take the place of passwords.

Palo Alto Networks has discovered a widespread vulnerability in Google's Android mobile operating system.

S.M. Lodha, chairman, Indsur Group, talks about the need to create a more level playing field, the company’s growth strategy--and how its presence outside India gives it competitive advantage.

Tableau Software will release a big update to its business intelligence software in the coming weeks, promising that customers will be able to spend more time on data analysis and less on "data wrangling."

Compliance with information security regulations is supposed to be, as the most recent iteration of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) puts it, "business as usual."

Disaggregation seems to be all the rage in networking these days. HP is the latest to decouple merchant silicon-based hardware from operating system software, following Dell and Juniper.

The last things an organization needs when launching an investigation into any kind of security breach are confusion and disorganization.

Citi, Fidelity and Mint have developed apps for Apple's Watch, due to be released next month

The net neutrality debate in the U.S. over the past year has been filled with hyperbole, speculation and questionable claims, coming from both sides of the debate.

Sam Cook's ISP informed him that he has been downloading illegal material. He has done no such thing. He asked me to help him solve this problem.

When it comes to cybersecurity, people are the biggest problem. Or, you could make that "problems."

Microsoft has increased by a factor of eight the maximum size of OS drives that can run on its Azure cloud, hoping to get enterprises to migrate more workloads.

Championing technology as a business enabler requires many talents, from explaining the 'nuts and bolts' to working closely with finance and customer service. Here are some of the top skills that your CEO wants you to have today.

Although 68 percent of companies said they are prepared for a breach, 75 percent estimated it would take hours, days, or weeks for them to notice that one had occurred, according to a new survey released this morning.

Julie Cullivan
CIO, Fire Eye

“Security is becoming a boardroom issue globally,” says Julie Cullivan, the CIO at Fire Eye.

Remadevi Thottathil, Global Head Business HR, ITC Infotech, shares her views on the slowdown in IT hiring, reports of middle-management IT staffers being squeezed out, IT unions, and whether IT firms should be responsible for ensuring that staffers are kept employable.


You need sell an idea, but there are others who don’t want you to succeed. Learn how to spot the tricks people use to trash your ideas.

Venkatesh Natarajan
VP-IT, Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland's IT-head found an innovative approach in the guise of gamification to bring business closer to IT-and it was no child's play.

In these heady days of big data, a lot of organizations treat data collection like a Pokémon game: Gotta catch it all. But Dane Atkinson, CEO of cross-platform marketing analytics specialist SumAll says most organizations need to think wide, not big, when it comes to data.

Ryanair is upgrading its mobile reservation platform using Couchbase's NoSQL database, allowing it to offer offline functionality to customers via its smartphone app."

When Patrick Benson joined Ovation Brands back in September 2013, he was given a tall order: modernize an array of legacy IT systems that could no longer keep up with the restaurant-chain conglomerate's business processes.

People today expect their software to work wherever they are, whether they are using a mobile device or a desktop PC. As a result, IT must respond to these demands quickly. DevOps aims to do just that by allowing organizations to produce and release more high-quality code better and faster.

Volvo Trucks has cut design and manufacturing of tools to build its trucks from 36 days to just two, using 3D printing.