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The electronics industry may still be reliant on human workers to assemble products, but Apple supplier Foxconn Technology Group is hopeful that robots will take over more of the workload soon.

The ICO has handed online insurance firm Staysure.co.uk a stinging £175,000 fine after chaotic security practices allowed hackers to steal details of 100,000 credit card numbers from the firm's database, several thousand of which experienced fraud.

Military leaders live by the maxim "know your enemy," and a new tool from marketing-intelligence company GinzaMetrics helps apply that wisdom to business.

Crews responding to California wildfires can now access aerial photos, stats on ground moisture and wind, and other data to help them plan their attacks.

The on-demand economy could either create a nightmare of unregulated capitalism or will usher in an employee-centered utopia.

As more IoT sensors get added, power consumption can pose a problem. Researchers at MIT have come up with a way to reduce the energy that such components require.

Apple plans to open two European data centers running on renewable energy in 2017, following similar moves by Google and Facebook in the region.

In contrast, organizations in Germany and Australia are least likely to have a breach, reveals an IBM and Ponemon Global Cost of Data Breach Study.

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In 2014, Delhi witnessed the highest number of malware affected PCs and Mumbai topped the list for the maximum mobile phone infections. 

The e-commerce boom has resulted in logistics companies having to revamp their entire operating procedures in a bid to stay relevant.

It’s time enterprises moved past traditional collaboration tools and deployed social technologies.


Ask security pros what they would change about the Internet if they could go back in time knowing what they know now, and most can point to a list of mistakes we could have avoided.

“IoT is not what CIOs see upfront in IT infrastructure but it is what they see round the corner. IoT is a journey than a mere product push,” says Neil Carey, Sales Director, EMEA and India, MultiTech.

The Anthem data breach may have exposed 78.8 million records, according to a more finely tuned estimate by the health insurance company, but Anthem is still investigating exactly how many records hackers extracted from a database.

Ankur Singla
Founder and CEO,Akosha

Let’s face it. There are certain pre-requisites for marketers and CIOs for an effective implementation of a Social CRM that enable enterprises to achieve the best customer experience management.

About 61 percent of organizations believe that data theft and cybercrime are the greatest threats to their reputation.

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Backers of Bluetooth plan to give the technology a way to form mesh networks, dramatically extending its range and potentially its role in the Internet of Things.

Flash drives in mobile devices are set to become faster and secure with a new standard approved by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association.

Shortly after a jury in Texas awarded it US$532.9 million in damages in a patent dispute with Apple, patent company Smartflash has sued the iPhone maker again, this time to focus on newer Apple products.

The names and license plate numbers of about 50,000 Uber drivers were compromised in a security breach last year, the company revealed Friday.

Consumers today want it all. They want the convenience of shopping online but they crave the visual, emotional and physical experience of touching and trying on (or out) items, which they get by shopping in store.

Apple ordered to shell out almost $533 million by a Texas court in a patent infringement case brought against it by Smartflash LLC.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride for CIOs this year as they are grappling with some of the IT industry’s biggest challenges.  

What should a company do after it's been hacked? It's a question Target, Home Depot, Sony Pictures Entertainment and others have had to ask over the past year or so. And it's likely that other organizations will be facing the same question over the coming months.

Take a second to check that "Send To" field before you fire off an email complaining to a coworker about your idiot boss today, folks. Gmail's apparently suffering from a bug that's borked its autocomplete suggestions, so it might not be your most-used contact that pops up first when you start typing.

You've heard the timeworn advice: Leverage LinkedIn, post code to GitHub, bone up on the latest buzzy tech. But a little-known career trick is giving some of today's top developers an edge: Hire an agent to find work for you.

Reddit, the online message board known for its users' unrestrained posts, is going against its laissez-faire philosophy and moving to restrict an abusive form of sexual content.

Stop thinking about technology so much and think more about customers and your organization’s ability to innovate, says Dane Anderson, VP and Research Director, Asia Pacific, Forrester Research.

By looking behind the language your customers use, Stylometry can tell a lot about them. Imagine that power in the hands of your business. 

With the business environment going through a continuous churn, the COO has to be on his toes all the time to ensure that benefits initiated from various processes reach the customers.