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Of all of the digitization projects in the industry, the most significant might be the one being tackled by the US Postal Service.

Companies are finding it tough to keep out new types of banking malware, which continue to get better following the bar-raising threat known as Zeus.

A fleet of floating bio-robots will be deployed between Christmas Island and Madagascar next week to help gain an understanding of the physical and biological workings of the Indian Ocean.

Just four days after Adobe Systems patched a vulnerability in Flash Player, the exploit was adopted by cybercriminals for use in large-scale attacks. This highlights the increasingly small time frame users have to deploy patches.

IT and communications integration and support company, Intellect IT, has announced an enterprise-level partnership with VMware. As part of the partnership, it's been awarded the VMware vCloud Air specialisation status.

Continuing its effort to catch up in the cloud, Oracle has unveiled a new software-as-a-service product aimed at e-commerce providers.

With the help of IBM's Cloud solution, Citigroup is supporting a major development project to provide a seamless retail banking experience.

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"You realize you're crouched, right?" says the SOMA developer watching me over my shoulder.

Issues like cybersecurity might keep CIOs up at night, but in Northern New Jersey, at least they know they're not alone.

Today, more than ever, businesses are dependent on technology to drive transformations that are anything but incremental. For CIOs, that means a tremendous opportunity to guide and help their businesses harness technology.

Users of Google's Cloud Platform services now have a convenient place to stash all the source code powering their cloud-based applications

Cisco believes there will be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2050 (more than five per person).

A former executive vice president at Qualcomm was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison and fined US$500,000 on charges related to a three-year-long insider trading scheme.

When 80 percent of employees say mobile technology is critical for getting their job done, but the same number say they haven't asked their IT department for the apps they need because they don't think they'd get what they need, that's a sure sign of trouble.

SoundCloud has been busy striking revenue-sharing deals with various stakeholders in a bid to pave the way for a paid service offering, but there could be a bumpy road for the music-sharing site.

Sharing links with friends in Facebook's mobile app is a pain that requires -- gasp -- leaving Facebook and copying and pasting URLs. Now there's a feature that simplifies the process.

Is technologically enabling business growth about internally selling a 'solution' or is it about helping people to go about their work in peace?

Believe me when I say this: Uber has (privacy) issues greater than your most intimate lover.

Caught up in traffic snarls, Bangalore’s first responders race the devil to save lives. Here’s how Vigilante’s Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption system (EVP) stepped in to the rescue.

There’s no loose thread in Sterlite Technologies’ plan to strengthen India’s digital infrastructure.

Indian women technopreneurs are on the rise battling hurdles that aren’t any different from the ones faced by the opposite sex. 

Issues like cybersecurity might keep CIOs up at night, but in Northern New Jersey, at least they know they're not alone.

Food startup Petoo, founded by the JustEat founders, is using predictive analysis to map food patterns in Bangalore, and eventually, all over India.

Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest arrived on the social scene after Facebook and Twitter, but they quickly made their marks, especially among millennials. After reaching critical mass, the three companies are attempting to monetize their services by rolling out new features for advertisers. Select large, global brands, including McDonald's, are testing the new features and could be role models for other marketers interested in the apps. However, all three services are still relatively young, and it might be too early to tell if ad campaigns are worth the investment.

It’s been seven years since Campus Management, a company that specializes in building technology solutions for higher education institutions acquired Talisma’s CRM business. In April this year, Campus Management launched its business in India. We spoke to Raj Mruthunjyappa, MD at Campus Management & Talisma, who talked about what was their vision in bringing the two companies together, and how do they plan to serve the current needs of the Indian market.

Expediting the process of land acquisition is one of the main reasons for Coal India to think tech.

Twitter conjures up images of funny celebrity tweets and corporate PR gaffes rather than job searching and recruiting. However, there is an emerging pool of job candidates on Twitter. In fact, 45 percent of job seekers report that they use Twitter, compared to 40 percent who use LinkedIn, according to 2014 research from JobVite. The same research also points to an increased interest in Twitter for recruitment, with 73 percent of companies reporting a focus on increasing social network recruitment.

Havells fan manufacturing unit had a curious challenge: Matching the motors to their blades. Mismatches were causing rejection rates of 3.5 percent. Until technology blew the problem away.

How many slaves work for you? If you own electronics, jewelry or sporting goods; drink coffee or tea; eat food or wear clothes, it's more than you think. It's probably a lot. If you dig deep enough into the supply chain of many of the products we use and consume every day, you'll find forced labor and child labor.