Privacy Shield review: Prepare for the worst

The transatlantic data transfer agreement is under review this week.

IBM wants to manage your cloud services no matter which ones you run

IBM’s new Multi-cloud Manager will manage workloads on Big Blue clouds, as well as workloads on Amazon, Red Hat and Microsoft infrastructure.

7 disruptions CIOs may not see coming: Gartner

CIOs may not be prepared for seven digital disruptions, including quantum computing, swam technology and nanotechnology, according to Gartner’s latest research.

Intuit adds AI, enterprise features to QuickBooks online

Would you trade your ERP system for QuickBooks? Intuit hopes the answer is yes.

The curious case of bloated IT

Organisations are struggling with 'technical debt' leading to bloated IT estates that are necessary to operations yet are difficult and time-consuming to build and maintain, according to Appian CEO Matt Calkins.

How Puppet helped bank group automate its compliance software

Two years ago, the enterprise team at the ANZ Group found themselves juggling an IT ecosystem which at times its enterprise team could best describe as a car wreck.

5 key shifts to transformation

BUPA’s chief information officer Sami Yalavac has increased staff engagement by 51 per cent and increased its net promoter score – a measurement of employee loyalty – by 50 points during the healthcare giant’s tech transformation.

Channel set to capitalise as cognitive and AI spending grows

Spending on cognitive and AI systems is forecast to grow at a “rapid pace” during the next four years, as customers initiate full-scale deployments.

Pentagon CIOs struggle with legacy tech, security. Sounds familiar?

Defense Department tech chiefs working to modernize sprawling IT infrastructure encounter similar hurdles — if on a larger scale — as CIOs in other agencies and the private sector.

SAP’s cloud analytics update offers insights in seconds, not months

With a refresh of its cloud analytics tools, SAP hopes to bring users new insights into their data more quickly and take some of the workload off the IT department.

Why is a digital strategy so important?

Developing a digital strategy is hard work, harder than it has ever been. This is because we are in a constant state of change – which, unfortunately, is somewhat of a planning paradox.

British Airways' summer of failure

The news that British Airways suffered an enormous data breach affecting almost 400,000 customers including personal and financial details is just the latest in a series of IT chaos that has plagued the airline this summer. Just what is going on at BA?