Juniper CTO talks cloud, high-speed networking

Juniper CTO Bikash Koley looks at disaggregation, cloud computing and intent-based networking as he looks toward 2019.

Does your workforce speak data?

A major shift occurred almost 30 years ago when the notions of business process re-engineering and Six Sigma arrived. Most famously practiced as a part of Jack Welch's business strategy at GE, Six Sigma became part of the fabric of most Fortune 500 organisations by the late 1990s.

Who is the new Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian?

Diane Greene's tenure as the CEO of Alphabet's Google Cloud division is coming to a close this year as she announced her departure in a blog post on Friday. Greene will continue in her role until January and will retain a seat on the Alphabet board.

Military Bank goes all-in with Finacle SaaS stack

Australian Military Bank has implemented Finacle’s full banking solution stack in just ten months, in a bid to better serve its members and more readily link up with fintechs.



SAP’s big Qualtrics buy: It’s all about your customers

SAP’s USD 8 billion acquisition of Qualtrics may help put customer experience on the CIO’s agenda.

Winter is coming: Dell EMC expert outlines IT infrastructure vision

Dell EMC modern data centre specialist, Perry Delaney, said it’s both “exciting times” and “challenging times” for the ICT industry given the new and ever-present digital reality.

Facial recognition technology could mean less waiting at airports

Airports are a struggle at the best of times so any technology that makes the experience quicker and easier is going to be a positive change. New facial recognition technology should allow you to drop your bags off, go through security and go straight to your plane without showing a boarding pass or passport at the gate.

Privacy Shield review: Prepare for the worst

The transatlantic data transfer agreement is under review this week.

IBM wants to manage your cloud services no matter which ones you run

IBM’s new Multi-cloud Manager will manage workloads on Big Blue clouds, as well as workloads on Amazon, Red Hat and Microsoft infrastructure.

7 disruptions CIOs may not see coming: Gartner

CIOs may not be prepared for seven digital disruptions, including quantum computing, swam technology and nanotechnology, according to Gartner’s latest research.

Intuit adds AI, enterprise features to QuickBooks online

Would you trade your ERP system for QuickBooks? Intuit hopes the answer is yes.

The curious case of bloated IT

Organisations are struggling with 'technical debt' leading to bloated IT estates that are necessary to operations yet are difficult and time-consuming to build and maintain, according to Appian CEO Matt Calkins.