AWS raises machine learning expectations for cloud security
AWS's new GuardDuty and Macie offerings unleash the power of machine learning to secure your data. Are they right for your enterprise?
Data integration is one thing the cloud makes worse

Enterprises don’t seem to be paying attention to data integration as they move to the cloud, and so won’t find the business value they’re seeking.

10 tech trends you don’t have to worry about (2018 edition)

2017 was a bit of a snoozer in technology, so 2018 can’t help but be more disruptive. But not that much more.

Blockchain shows open source’s fatal flaw—and a way forward

Open source usage has skyrocketed, but not the number of developers working on projects. Those who benefit need to pay developers to keep it all going

Microsoft grants enterprises 6 more months of support for Windows 10 1511
The company says it want to help early adopters of the 2015 feature upgrade with support through April 2018. The extra support is limited to patches for security vulnerabilities rated by MIcrosoft as 'Critical' or 'Important.'
Facebook's Workplace takes off with 7,000 users at Virgin Atlantic
Facebook’s enterprise social network app quickly gains users, helping the airline overcome some of the adoption challenges it saw with Microsoft’s Yammer.
Blockchain-as-a-service allows enterprises test distributed ledger technology
Blockchain deployment is still gathering steam, but cloud providers are already moving to offer it as an enterprise service. That could help companies who don't want to take on the expense of a new architecture or find developers to deploy and maintain it.
Paper tiger? Alibaba Cloud faces a steep challenge outside China

Alibaba’s cloud is the No. 3 public cloud globally—not Google—and it seeks to displace AWS as No. 1. But in China it is protected from competition through government ties

Salesforce boosts Quip’s team collaboration cred with LiveApps integration
The move enables users to embed third-applications directly into Quip documents and spreadsheets. Analysts say the company sees documents as team workspaces for collaboration.
FAQ: Microsoft adds new Windows 10 data collection setting for enterprise only
The new Enhanced (Limited) setting is designed for customers using the Windows Analytics service to plan for Microsoft's semi-annual feature upgrades, deal with monthly upgrades and check Windows 10.