3 Advantages of Being an Early Adopter

Grabbing an upcoming technology in its infancy is a strategy that can give you impressive returns. Don’t shy away.

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It’s Easy On the Purse
In 2007, when ICICI Bank, ICICI Prudential and ICICI securities jointly deployed virtualization, the technology was yet to gain mainstream acceptance. Joydeep Dutta, CTO, ICICI Securities swears by the benefits of making the early move. “We were the first company in our sector to make the move. And today, our datacenter expenses incurred on power, cooling and servers has come down significantly,”
he says.

Umesh Mehta, VP-IT, Asia MotorWorks, also feels that adopting technologies early provides organizations with strategic value and reduced costs. And he talks from experience. “We adopted business intelligence early on. We are growing at a healthy growth rate of 10 percent. And BI supports our growth. It has helped us reduce costs by 20 percent and has boosted our productivity by 35 percent. So we have seen a distinct advantage of early adoption,” he says


Event Report: Leaders' Meet 2015

Today’s businesses are focused on leveraging the power of innovation to tackle new challenges caused by disruptive technologies. The 2015 edition of Leaders’ Meet promised to address just that. A three-day engagement platform, hosted by Tata Communications and attended by IT decision makers from India’s leading organizations, encouraged ideation, discussion and co-creation among the CIO community.