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6 Secrets of Successful CIOs

Added 25th Nov 2011

We are now six.
Six is a funny age. Six is neither here nor there. It isn’t five, which is a great number for lists (and also when most businesses are likely to fail). It isn’t seven, an important number thanks to the seven-year itch and Seven Years
in Tibet.
Six is neither here or there. In fact, the Brazilians have two different words for six: seis and meia, which is a short for meia duzia or half dozen, a reminder that six is nothing but stepping stone, a halfway house.
But being meia duzia also a reminder that having spent six years with you, we have twice the road—and more—to look forward together. So, in fact, six is both here and there: A reminder of the past, and of the future.
Six is both here and there. Our sixt year milestone reminds us that for six whole years, we’ve had you backing us. You’ve shared secrets with us you wouldn’t tell your closest friends, like your salaries. You’ve told us your greatest aspirations and challenges, and only sometimes off-the-record. And more times than we can count, you’ve shown us the way ahead.
As a small token of our gratitude, we’ve put together our biggest cover story to date: A 35-page package, broken down into three sections—with six stories each.
And we did it with the help of 66 CIOs.
Why did we choose 66? Not because it’s 6 twice over. But because 66 resembles an open quote; the start of a conversation; a reminder to ourselves that this is a conversation we never want to close.

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