Event Report: Leaders' Meet 2015

Today’s businesses are focused on leveraging the power of innovation to tackle new challenges caused by disruptive technologies. The 2015 edition of Leaders’ Meet promised to address just that. A three-day engagement platform, hosted by Tata Communications and attended by IT decision makers from India’s leading organizations, encouraged ideation, discussion and co-creation among the CIO community.

Jul 24th 2015 A-A+

This year’s theme focused on the imperative to ‘Go Beyond’. As businesses become more competitive and technology continues to evolve, CIOs and organizations alike need to ‘Go Beyond’ to survive the disruption and stay ahead in the race.

Innovation in Today’s Disruptive World

“Often, the more audacious idea attracts more capital, and more attention,” said Jack Hidary, a renowned technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, and an advisory board member at Google X Labs, during his insightful session at the meet.

Jack’s session explored the various phenomena that have enabled technological disruption in the enterprise business, mobile revolution being one of the key highlights. According to him, CIOs should embrace disruption as it has become more crucial than ever to align business operations with the changing business landscape.

He highlighted the fact that to give their businesses an innovative outlook, more CIOs are making unconventional hiring decisions by letting in strategists and creative designers. “This is a sign,” says Jack, “that CIOs are keen to embrace disruption.”

As a leading enterprise ICT partner for organizations around the globe, Tata Communications has been inspiring business innovation by driving innovation from within. Vinod Kumar, MD & CEO, Tata Communications runs a program called ‘Shape The Future’, encouraging employees to come up with ideas identifying business opportunities that will add to the top line in the future. Crowdsourcing ideas from employees with rewards such a business coaching from silicon valley leaders and the potential of seeing it through to success creates a sense of entrepreneurship, curiosity and a desire to learn. Vinod explained how a strong culture of innovation and working like a start-up, fosters employee creativity, makes the organization future-ready and more agile in taking products and solutions to market.

CIO Conversations

At Leaders’ Meet 2015, Anil Jaggia, CIO, HDFC Bank, and Varun Sood, CIO, Fortis Healthcare, shared their ‘Go Beyond’ journeys of how they implemented transformational and game-changing ideas in their respective businesses. The session was moderated by Vijay Ramachandran, Editor in Chief, IDG Media.

“Digital channels are fast becoming the de facto choice of customers and HDFC Bank wants to be at the forefront of meeting customer needs,” says Anil Jaggia, CIO, HDFC Bank. He also highlighted how the digital medium is shaping customer experience.

At Fortis Healthcare, one of the company’s most important objectives is to ensure end-user satisfaction. “We lay paramount importance on users being able to access any service, anytime,” says Varun Sood of Fortis Healthcare. According to him, Fortis Healthcare has succeeded in ensuring greater end-user satisfaction by using the disruptive power of technology to execute innovative ideas.

CIO Think Tank

At Leaders’ Meet 2015, CIOs from different industry verticals gathered to deliberate and share insights on the key ICT themes impacting their businesses. Their brainstorming brought many valuable insights to the fore.

On surviving digital disruption: CIOs agreed that focusing on digital disruption was an immediate business imperative. They discussed the best ways to tackle digital disruption:

•  Define digital outcomes

•  Play offensive and rethink the entire business to survive disruption

•  Innovate rapidly and at a low cost

Planning UCC deployments: Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) provides significant benefits to enterprises. It has revolutionized the way people work, enabling them to operate faster and more efficiently. CIOs discussed the best ways to deploy UCC solutions:

•  Seek a provider who can integrate different devices, platforms

•  Implementing UCC is not an IT project, it’s a cultural change

•  Watch out for challenges around security, cost optimization, and government regulations

•  Ensure interoperability

•  Approach UCC in a modular manner

On Creating Fast, Responsive and Available Networks: Organizations are increasingly delegating control of their networks to third-party providers to achieve greater remote network management. CIOs on the workgroup also discussed the aspects to look out for in a network management partner.

•  Find a service provider that offers proactive monitoring with appropriate service and support

•  Faster bandwidth speed, as well as mobile network demand is on the rise

The Way Forward

“The enterprise business is the growth engine of Tata Communications,” said Sumeet Walia, Head of Global Enterprise Business at Tata Communications. This year, the company that has been positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global for the second year in a row. Tata Communications has also won the Enterprise Data Services Award by Frost & Sullivan for eight consecutive years. Today, the company’s business spans multiple geographies, covering North America, Europe, and Asia, and is growing at a rapid pace.

Organizations today are increasingly realizing the need for seamless communication and a robust ICT infrastructure. They are looking towards telecom partners for their contribution through innovative solutions. “As a technology partner, our focus is to build a portfolio of services that is more relevant to our customers. On an average, we have been adding over 600 enterprise customers a year”, said Sumeet Walia.

The 2015 edition of Leaders’ Meet indeed served as an insightful and thought-provoking platform that brought together some of the best minds in business to explore new possibilities in the ever changing business landscape. Going forward, Tata Communications aims to create extensions of this platform and enrich the ‘Go Beyond’ experience.