IT helps Businesses Define their Ideal Customer

It's not unusual for major retailers to create personas of the most likely people to come to their stores, but traditionally that kind of information would have primarily been useful to the marketing and sales departments. But here's CIO who has used as the building blocks for an IT strategy that begins with internal hardware and applications to increase efficiencies along with external customer-facing social media tools that nurture relationships with both new and loyal customers


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Meet Alexia. She's a 16-year-old girl-next-door type who lives in the suburbs. She's "close to her parents, does well in school and gets a weekly allowance. She likes casual clothes with a sexy fit, and tends to dress like her friends
for acceptance and reassurance. She aspires to be an adult, but is sometimes childlike. Outgoing and well-connected to her friends, she has started discovering new things and wants more of them -namely travel, cars and boys. And to do that, she often feels she needs to look the part.