Why CIOs Are Increasingly Adopting SOA

Sandy Carter, vice president of SOA, BPM and WebSphere Strategy at IBM, substantiates that despite IT budgets shrinking, CIOs are increasingly looking at SOA and BPM as one of the most preferred framework to standardize and deliver improved business processes and address the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.


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Apparently the number of CIOs adopting SOA seems to be going down. Are CIOs losing interest in SOA?

Carter: Actually, the story is a little different than what it seems. CIOs are becoming more business focused. The most insightful thing I heard substantiated this, was at a roundtable of CIOs held quite recently. As they were introducing themselves, one of them said, "Hi, I am an investment banker who focuses on IT." I think we would see more of that where CIOs are focused on the business. This means they are concentrating on whatever their challenges are and initiating a service-oriented solution to mitigate the challenge. Here, interestingly they would not say that they have embarked upon an SOA project.