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4 Steps to Build an Effective SD WAN Blueprint

Here are some of the key steps needed to create a robust, actionable blueprint for SD-WAN implementation

Artificial intelligence is the new oil: Rajeeb Hazra

AI is the transformer that takes data and generates insights at a rate and depth that wasn’t possible before, says Rajeeb Hazra, Corporate VP, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation.

Digital security and privacy: A must for organizations

Digital Security and privacy concerns are everyone’s challenge as technology touches every aspect of our lives today.

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Managing a multi cloud environment

Best Practices for boosting Agility and Flexibility of your Multi-Cloud

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How an AI ready cloud is a necessity

Operating systems of the next era of tech

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Your enterprise data may be just a search away: Secure it now

There are a whole host of reasons why organizations should consider encrypting their sensitive data: for protection, for legal reasons, to comply with global compliance policies and safeguard customer interests. 

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Key Approaches to Selecting High-Performance All-Flash Storage

With the growing popularity of All flash, strong storage performance features are becoming more and more intensified. Features such as storage systems latency shortened from milliseconds to microseconds, also indicate that the All-Flash market is more competitive than ever. 

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Infrastructure choices for advanced Data Applications and AI workloads

IT leaders today are challenged with a new KPI – channeling business assets into creating competitive differentiators.  Read the two-part series on how IBM Power Systems is a smart choice to augment your enterprise assets. 

How GDPR will affect HR departments

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th of May and with it a host of new rules on how businesses collect, process, store, protect and dispose of data. (See also: GDPR tips to ensure compliance.)

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How Converged Systems Enable IT Transformation

Building Agility, Efficiency, and Simplicity into Infrastructure Is Fastest Way to Transform IT


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More Secure Software for a Safer Digital Transformation

The digital transformation which brings more software to smart connected devices, also creates more opportunities for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities.