CIO100 2017: Event Commentary

CIO100 2017: Event Commentary

The CIO100 2017 event commentary for a minute by minute update of the event.

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Check out the highlights of the CIO100 2017 ceremony, which took place on August 31 and September 1, 2017.


But wait, did you take a selfie?

Congratulations winners!

And it begins

Canon Sourcing Shogun

Kazutada Kobayashi, President and CEO of Canon with the proud winners.

When the light goes out

India's Got Talent winners Illuminati (UV Group)

This sick beat.

Can you hear the music?

Meet your host for the evening, Vishal Rasquinha.

The last word

The CIO100 2017 symposium finishes with words to remember, "Data is the new oil."

We will be back with the entertainment and of course, the most awaited CIO100 2017 main awards.

The Indian Stack

1.2 billion Indians love technology.

Where do you fit in?

2.5 billion invoices. Did you know?

The GST software is the largest cloud system today.

What's your Digital DNA?

Rebooting the nation

Arvind Gupta, co-founder of Digital India Foundation, comes back to the CIO 100 stage to continue his talk on how India will be rebooted by technology.

The last session!

CIO100 2017's symposium about to wrap up with the last session beginning now.

Trade secrets?

What are the things any customer should look out for while looking for a cloud service provider? "Don't get locked in by one vendor," advises Pinnapureddy.

The cloud conundrum

Did you know?

CtrlS is the largest SAP HANA implementor? "What we did in India for 10 years, we achieved almost half of it in one year abroad," says Pinnapureddy.

Chat with the Editor

Executive Editor, Shantheri Mallaya and Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman and MD of CtrlS chat about the cloud connundrum in the industry.

Cows to cloud

Who'd have thought a company can leverage cloud computing to track cows? Chitale Dairy did it.

CIO as a strategist

Dr. S Raghunath, Professor at IIM-Bangalore explains how with the right strategies, a CIO can enable an intelligent world.

A recap!

Have you congratulated them yet?

Do you have intelligent edge?

28% of a CIOs' time is spent on innovation. By 2020, it will go upto 76%.

Everything computes

In a world where everything computes, HPE's Y Vikram Kumar briefs Indian CIOs on the latest Pointnext development.

Office of the future

Digital transformation that will drive the office of the future.

Chat with the editor

Executive editor, Shantheri Mallaya talks to HP's Leo Joseph about the office of the future.

Make people happy: Traits of a better leader

Who are your employees, as an individual and as a professional?

A good team leader is responsible for their employees' happiness, and their personal attachment to their professional life.

After all, happier employees are more productive, aren't they?

Did you know?

At Google, no engineer is more than 200 meters away from food. What does that mean? More work, and happier employees!

Be the powerful leader with empathy

The tech-human problem

Danielle Di-Masi elaborates on the human side of tech. "It is a human problem." What do we crave?

Digital Kumbh Mela

After discussing JAM - Jandhan, Aadhaar and mobile, Santanu Ghose speaks on how the largest gathering of humans - Kumbh Mela might get digitized.

Beyond datacenters

Santanu Ghose, Director of Aruba, HPE Company explains the future of Digital.

Security in mobility

With feature management and control, Knox is an application management secured platform, perhaps the most secure implementation of Android.

The next generation mobile enterprise

Without mobile, are you even in the same book let alone the same page as the rest?

Let us move away from ERP

Manufacturing companies need to amp up their game and focus on managing their complexities. Firodia advises CIOs to concentrate on India, more than foreign market.

For sucess

To succeed in today's world, one cannot rely only on production. Marketing is equally important. They actually go hand in hand.

Business outcomes and leadership

Innovation is leadership

How important is knowledge? Day 2 kicks off with "Cellphone and Wikipedia will help India prosper," by Arun Firodia, Chairman of Kinetic Group.

Day 2: The action continues

After a riveting Day 1 filled with power-packed sessions, meetings and discussions, followed by Neeraj Sridhar amazing us and getting our IT leaders to sing, and of course CIO100 Special Awards. Anchor Vishal Rasquinha begins Day 2.

Twitter reacts!

And it's a hit!

IT leaders or budding singers? Maybe both.

Dance out?

Singer Neeraj Sridhar of Bombay Vikings takes stage at CIO100 to kick off the award ceremony.

Think 'agile' with Lenovo and Nutanix!

Build your enterprise cloud

Let Sunil Mahale, VP and MD of Nutanix India and Vivek Sharma, MD of Lenovo Global tell how to successfully embark on a journey onto building an enterprise cloud.

The future of IT infrastructure

Applying ML to your real-world situations.

Less spam, more accurate search results, photo recognition, and more. Google tells you how the company is leveraging machine learning to help you solve your real-world problems. "We democratized Machine Learning," says Mohit Pande of Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud

USD 29 billion worth of investments, more than 1 billion unique IPs served daily, and more. -- Mohit Pande at CIO100 2017!

Every company will eventually become a data company.

Mohit Pande, Country Manager - India, Google cloud discusses data driven companies. "A company where data is available to you when you want it."

What is a CIOs priority?

For business leaders, innovation is the top future priority. But for CIOs, it is getting lower.

Who are the winners?

Did you know?

ONLY 5 stocks in S&P 500 gained more than USD 260 billion over the last 10 weeks. The other 495 lost over USD 260 billion during the same period.

How can CIOs enable business model Innovation?

CEO, MD and co-founder of KPIT Technologies, Kishor Patil and graces the symposium and shares his immense knowledge and wealthy experience to tell CIOs how they can enable business model innovation.

Journey from a Traditional CIO to a "DIGITAL INNOVATOR!"

Not every flavor of cloud will fit your scheme of things."

Historical CIO and the Digital CIO

The "Point-in-time Problem Solver" vs the "Champion of Disruption"

Innovations and Transformations: Digitally!

Kamal Nath, CEO of Sify Technologies brings in his digital insights and expertise he's honed in his glorious tenure in the industry.

"Every human wants acknowledgment."

Di-Masi explains how to align digital and business, without missing the human angle.

Every process tells the story.

Strategy or Spaghtetti?

Digital Communications and Marketing Strategist Danielle Di-Masi takes the CIO100 stage from all the way from Australia to help our IT leaders understand the tech and human connection.

Empowered and Inspired!

Welcome Address

Rupesh Sreedharan, our beloved Program Director welcomes all the delegates, sponsors, speakers and guests to the 12th edition of the Oscars of IT - CIO100!

The 12th edition of CIO100 begins!

Anchor Vishal Rasquinha kicks off the event with a bang!

And it begins!

Two days of insights, discussions, networking and celebration of the best of the country's enterprise IT will begin in less than two hours.