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Every IT Infra will become HCI: Sunil Mahale, Nutanix

Helping Organizations manage App Sprawl in Multi-Cloud Environment will be our next frontier, says Sunil Mahale, India Chief at Nutanix.

Cloud is the mainstay of Dx strategy: Kamal Nath, Sify

Organizations will demand ‘Per x’ model from service providers and cloud players in digital era, says Kamal Nath, CEO, Sify Technologies.

Don’t boil the ocean with digitization: Mrutyunjay Mahapatra

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra DMD and CDO at SBI talks on new age banking and vigilant selection of technologies in the digital world. (The interview was conducted prior to his appointment as CEO of Syndicate Bank).

The mobile economy is ringing loud: Sukesh Jain, Samsung

Mobility isn’t a choice anymore for companies on digital transformation journey, says Sukesh Jain, Senior VP at Samsung Electronics.

CIOs are great storytellers in digital world: Raymond Miranda

CIOs and IT leaders can change the world with innovative technology and create an extraordinary story, says Raymond Miranda, CEO, Labora[s]tory.

Everybody is a CDO, Chief Delighting Officer: Avi Liran

Business and IT leaders must Listen, Dare to Ask, Dare to Challenge suggests Avi Liran, Creator & Designer, Delivering Delight.

The Next Mobile Economy: Sukesh Jain

Sukesh Jain, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics, gives an insight on the fast paced enterprise mobility, expectations from mobility in 2025, how IoT enables a world of mobility devices and much more at CIO100 and Reimagineering India Symposium.

'X' - Solve Once, Solve Forever: Raghava Prasad

Raghava Prasad, Vice President, Monocept sheds light on the concept of solving functional and non-functional issues of an enterprise at CIO100 and Reimagineering India Symposium. He further talks about identifying the problem and providing a permanent solution to stop re-occurrence and enhance benefits.

Reimagining the Future with AI - Prakash Mallya

Watch Prakash Mallya, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel India share insights on how India’s ongoing digital transformation is unlocking an unprecedented opportunity for data-driven intelligence to power effective decision-making and transformative business applications. Gain insights on how Intel is accelerating the AI ecosystem in India through collaborations with leading industry players, academia and the public sector, as well as its comprehensive portfolio of technologies, tools, and solutions.

Innovating for the customer in 2020: Mrutyunjay Mahapatra

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, Deputy MD and CDO, SBI, talks about why understanding innovation strategy for 2020 is important and the future of digital businesses at CIO100 and Reimagineering India Symposium.

Reimagining Data Center: Mayank Srivastav

Mayank Srivastav, Country head- datacenter practice, Schneider Electric, gives insight on how computing architectures have evolved into a complex data center ecosystem and the scope of re-imagining data centers for connected tomorrow at CIO100 and Reimagineering India Symposium.

India 2020: Re-imagined. Re-engineered : Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath, CEO, Sify Technologies, defines reimagineering India 2020 with anecdotes from health, education and banking industries and emphasizing on the importance of including villages in the journey of digital transformation at CIO100 and Reimagineering India Symposium.