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Enabling digital transformation through agile learning

Building the skills needed to support 6,000+ internal customers as they help global Fortune 500 customers digitally transform takes a modern approach to learning.

IoT, analytics help Safexpress gain 30 percent efficiency in HUB operations

From roping in IoT solutions to harnessing analytics to revamping its ERP – tech is the prime mover behind Safexpress’ success story.

Telecom CIO improves productivity of 2000 employees by ridding app latency

With close to 2000 employees facing an availability and performance issue with day-to-day apps, Bharti Infratel CIO devised a solution that could enhance productivity and offer prognosis too.

Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering sets sights on digitizing classroom learning

Here is how a premier educational institute in Bangalore is experimenting with digitizing learning experience and eliminate traditional barriers to personalized coaching.

Mindtree laid the foundation of digital transformation by leveraging AFA

Here's how Mindtree deployed a SaaS-based enterprise collaboration product to improve its productivity and datacenter efficiencies.

Standard Chartered Bank uses machine learning to analyze borrower behavior

The financial services company is deploying algorithms to identify potential risks.

How Thermax keeps stock of IT infrastructure with one solution

Thermax wanted a bird's-eye view of the IT infra to be proactive in case of critical issues. Here is how they achieved it.


How NDTV MyHealth delivered quality healthcare under a single solution

Media and entertainment giant NDTV is placing its bets on technology to provide better healthcare to all, under one digital roof.

Inside Manipal Hospitals' Watson-enabled treatment for cancer patients

A team of doctors and tech experts is breathing new life into cancer treatment in India with the help of Watson. 

Reliance Mutual Funds brings investment at your fingertips with an app

Reliance MF used its app Simply Save to provide customers with instant services. 

AMW Motors leverages automation for smarter decision making

Here’s how an automobile manufacturing company is embracing digital by adopting a smart manufacturing executing system (MES).