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Cisco’s skin in the game to digitize India: Dinesh Malkani
New HPE has perfect synergy for Digital India
Pavan Duggal on why Indian banks lose the security plot
Reliance Jio has catalysed telcos' M&A in India: Amresh Nandan
Leveraging data explosion with a hybrid strategy
Indian retail needs to focus more on customer: Aneesh Reddy
IceWarp is redefining India’s collaboration market: Pramod Sharda, CEO
AI-powered enterprise chatbots are the future: Ramco CMO
Cloud is the new normal in digital era: Bikram Bedi, AWS
IT shifting to BPO services from legacy SI: Hitachi Systems CEO, Kitano
Intel bets big on its datacenter business and AI in 2017
Democratization of data is going to be vital: Kaushal Mody, Accenture
PwC speeds up digital delivery

PwC speeds up digital delivery

With the deployment of its Digital Experience Center, PwC is the now the first among the ‘Big 4’ in India that helps businesses deliver scalable ...

Big data has arrived, not big insights
Why Cortana's new boss is obsessed with artificial intelligence
Playing the M&A game? Business analytics is your trump card
Boarding the Digital Bandwagon? The onus is on the CEO, not the CIO: Ganesh Ayyar, Mphasis
Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

Aaron Levie talks about its Zones and Accelerator projects, and also discusses start-ups, the march of the public cloud, and even his past work as a ...

IT COST commission says feds could save $5.8 billion on IT
Beat hackers at their own game with deception tech

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