HPE services adding teeth to Archon business: Sachin Rao

We offer plethora of services from building the datacenter to support and maintenance of products within the DC, says Sachin S. Rao, MD and CEO at Archon Consulting Systems.

Archon Consulting Systems Jun 06th 2017

HPE is empowering channel partners globally over the new services portfolio like Pointnext datacenter care, flexible capacity services and others. A datacentre care partner for HPE India, Archon Consulting Systems is betting big on services portfolio for its enterprise customers. Sachin S. Rao, MD and CEO, Archon Consulting Systems talks extensively about the company’s roadmap with HPE services.

What are the new age services portfolio Archon is building with HPE in the past couple of years?

As a datacentre-specialist partner, we at Archon are closely aligned with HPE Pointnext and we co-sell and co-deliver Datacentre Care (DCC) portfolio including Flexible Capacity, DC Infrastructure Automation and DC Operational Support Services. HPE Flexible Capacity offers public cloud-like economics and experience with on premise control and benefits. Customers install infrastructure at their own datacenters, with pay-per-use model and monthly billing options. 

We’re leveraging HPE Pointnext‘s consulting, best practices, discovery workshops, solutions & services stack to address new-age trends at customer’s place.


Sachin S. Rao, MD & CEO at Archon Consulting Systems

DC Infrastructure Automation, helps customers with DevOps automation like infrastructure as code, automation of IT compliance, reporting and automation of manual IT tasks. DC Operational Support Services offers next gen operations support with 24x7 remote infrastructure monitoring and operations support based on ITIL model. Also along with HPE- Pointnext we are offering a plethora of services right from building the datacenter to support and maintenance of products within the datacentre. 

What’s your partner category type with HPE India and what portfolio (products, solutions and services) do you deal in?

Archon is an HPE Gold Partner for products and a Datacenter-Care Specialist partner from HPE Services-One (Pointnext) perspective. We deal with the entire stack of products and solutions from HPE, Services from HPE Pointnext, HPE software and Aruba- An HPE Company. We also work closely with HPE Financial services for funding IT transformation at the customer place.

Archon to double its revenue share from HPE services business by 2018.

Highlight the new services initiatives by HPE with Pointnext and how is Archon leveraging Pointnext.

We have traditionally been a hardware centric system integrator partner for the entire stack of HPE products line for many years now. We are also a cloud services sales partner. Depending on customer demand, we position the traditional HPE infrastructure within the datacentre and as per the customer’s IT consumption model we suggest the on premise cloud experience with the Flexible capacity services offering backed by Data Centre Care support. This way we are able to assess the dynamic IT consumption models and offer a better degree of optimization, within the datacenter, suitable to customer’s business need.

Digital Disruption and Infrastructure consolidation has accentuated Virtualization penetration, open stack adoption, application consolidation and containerization. We are working closely with HPE Pointnext while leveraging Pointnext‘s consulting, best practices, discovery workshops, solutions and services stack to address new-age trends at the customer’s place.

How is the hand holding with both the teams at HPE Pointnext and Archon? What are joint opportunities with Pointnext in India - vertical wise and enterprise size?

Archon’s 3 Big Priorities with HPE Pointnext

Make Hybrid IT simple at customer end with innovative services like Datacentre Care and Flexible Capacity.


Support customers in big data, analytics, VDI, App modernization, Cloud projects through our expert services.


Power the Intelligent Edge with Aruba solutions and campus care services for the edge devices.


We have an excellent handholding from HPE Pointnext channel team. The partner business management team works very closely with us on a joint business plan at the beginning of HPE’s financial year. We also see effort being put in profiling partners, skill development, trainings and certifications on Pointnext solution stack. The periodic services connect and technology services partner forum gives us an opportunity to interact with the leadership teams of Pointnext, along with the category heads, and peer partner organizations to fine tune our GTM, joint offerings. 

Another encouraging factor is the joint customer workshops, CIO forums, which Pointnext is conducting with us. This platform delivers insights into the solutions portfolio and innovative IT consumption models to the customer delegates. 

We have aligned with HPE Pointnext portfolio, to help customers in their digital transformation journey. Customers are implementing many projects around Hybrid IT, Big Data & Analytics, VDI, Secure Wireless and IOT solutions. We, along with HPE, offer lifecycle services such as Advisory and Transformational Services, Professional Services and Operational Services. 

What is unique about datacentre care services of HPE versus the competing vendor services?

HPE Datacenter care is highly customizable to meet customer’s unique support requirements using a building blocks approach. Through HPE’s Centre of Expertise for various technologies, customers enjoy mission critical product and operational support optimized for their business. They can chose reactive as well as proactive services based on the criticality of Infra components to optimize and minimize the cost.

Competition doesn’t have exact equivalent offering to match the deliverables and business value of datacenter care. They need to add their different packaged service offerings in order to match Datacenter care deliverables. 

How has Archon build its services resources with HPE over the last year in terms of pre- sales, technical, sales and other functions?

Lifecycle Services by Archon and HPE

Advisory and Transformational Services enables the companies to design and build a technology roadmap suited to their own unique challenges.


Professional Services capabilities leverage clients’ preferred technologies and IT organizations to move strategic plans and functional designs through production.


Operational Services includes HPE Flexible Capacity, Datacenter Care to provide new ways of delivering and supporting IT to keep clients’ performance at peak levels.

Digital disruption is a reality and Archon is also realigning its strategy along the way traditional Infrastructure is getting innovated through segmentation in server, storage and networking technologies. Likewise, we are investing substantially on re-skilling our sales, pre-sales, solution architects and delivery engineers to address this dynamic IT environment. We are also leveraging the training, certifications and POC facilities provided by HPE Pointnext for skilling and re-skilling our team in delivering the HPE Pointnext solutions and services stack.

Currently around 6 to 8 percent of Archon’s revenue comes from HPE services portfolio. We intent to grow this number to 13 to 15 percent by end of 2018.

What are the three big technology trends you see with HPE services in 2017?

The first one is Flexible Capacity Services. Today, customers look at various ways to make their IT more agile and at the same time leaner on the pockets. CFOs are having a big say in IT procurement and hence providing the correct services model with a financial wrap becomes the key. With services like Datacenter Care and Flexible Capacity, we are aligned with HPE Pointnext and focus on making Hybrid IT simple.

We are geared up to support customers in big data and analytics, VDI, Application modernization and Cloud implementation projects using Advisory & Transformational and Professional Services. We want to Power the Intelligent Edge with Aruba solutions and Campus care service which provides enterprise support and operational services for edge devices.

Other service offerings of HPE includes IT Infrastructure Audit that can be automated and compliance adhered to using CHEF. HPE DCC-IA offers this as an offering. Another interesting offering is the Docker implementation and Docker expertise available to be sold as service to customers. Datacenter Build and consultancy service offering from HPE point next.