Intel bets big on its datacenter business and AI in 2017
Democratization of data is going to be vital: Kaushal Mody, Accenture
PwC speeds up digital delivery

PwC speeds up digital delivery

With the deployment of its Digital Experience Center, PwC is the now the first among the ‘Big 4’ in India that helps businesses deliver scalable prototypes which can be tested and deployed within days.

Big data has arrived, not big insights
Why Cortana's new boss is obsessed with artificial intelligence
Playing the M&A game? Business analytics is your trump card
Boarding the Digital Bandwagon? The onus is on the CEO, not the CIO: Ganesh Ayyar, Mphasis
Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

Why Box’s CEO is so cloud crazy

Aaron Levie talks about its Zones and Accelerator projects, and also discusses start-ups, the march of the public cloud, and even his past work as a professional magician.

IT COST commission says feds could save $5.8 billion on IT
Beat hackers at their own game with deception tech

Beat hackers at their own game with deception tech

Simply put, deception technology uses decoys to misdirect the attacker and prevent him/her from going deeper into the network and reaching the intended target. A conversation with Rajpreet Kaur, senior research analyst, Gartner reveals how ‘honey-trapping’ hackers could give you a leg up.

Meg Whitman tells IT leaders everything they need to know about HP Enterprise
Technological innovation helping farmers thrive better
Breach of patient information threatens continuity of healthcare enterprises: Leela Kaza, Accolite CEO
MAIT collaborating towards success of Make in India, Digital India: Anwar Shirpurwala
YatraGenie: Taxi-Aggregator Model in Danger of Collapse
Nick Utton: BMC believes Digital Enterprise Management will be driven by IT and business
Zoho swam against the tide, and it paid off
Why HP Split might be a Completely Wrong Move

Why HP Split might be a Completely Wrong Move

Splitting a company might be good for investment bankers but certainly not for the customers. We believe in ‘end-to-end integrated solutions’ story, says Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO, Dell.

Threading the Duality of Open Source and Closed in Technology: Keith Bergelt
Excessive changes in existing systems a perfect recipe for ERP failure

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