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The New Extreme echoes a potent networking DNA: Subhasish Gupta
A distributed architecture is key to operating in multi-cloud: Kit Colbert, VMware
Xerox CISO: How business should prepare for future security threats
IoT has spanned its hype chasm into reality: Avinash Arora, TrakItNow
Analytics is the bloodline of digital businesses: Marcio Dobal, SAS
Indian logistics industry set to take giant leaps
Indian FMCG industry to leverage digital technologies for growth
CTOs must embrace the role of chief transformation officer
Little-known SaaS provider helps CIOs corral IT costs
Ensure everyone is aboard in your digital transformation journey: Christina Scott, News UK
How an insurance CIO deployed a BI tool to optimize costs
Digitization Enhances Business Outcomes and Customer Experience
How Shriram Group increased efficiency and optimized costs with cloud
Kent State CIO talks about his cloud ambitions, accomplishments, and his new cloud book
GE's Jim Fowler on the CIO role in the digital industrial economy
Move over, robot. The co-bot is here

Move over, robot. The co-bot is here

Robotics strangely conjures up apocalyptic images of bots going berserk or simply putting us out of jobs. The key lies not in ceding controls to ...

Smartphones will accelerate video conferencing across enterprises: Forrester
Driving Datacenter Transformation

Driving Datacenter Transformation

With the advent of SMAC there are new demands on datacenters. Nikhil Pathak, VP& Country GM – IT Business, Schneider Electric explains the ...

Boosting Human Capital Management
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Boosting Human Capital Management

Rahul Goyal, GM-India and ASEAN, ADP explains how enterprises can enhance process efficiency and deploy advanced data-driven human capital management ...

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