Achal Kataria
CIO Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

EXL Service Holdings has harnessed cognitive and robotics to bring in business process automation to meet client SLAs. The company’s Advanced Automation and Robotics program has the twin objective of driving enhanced user experience for its clients’ customers and digitizing the client’s middle and back office operations.

EXL combines over a decade’s experience of successfully delivering business process automation capabilities with new age, futuristic robotics and advanced digital solutions. The company has also partnered with leading robotics and cognitive software providers, whose capabilities in conjunction with EXL’s stack of proprietary solutions, domain expertise and analytics prowess helps it drive digitization for its client’s value chain.

EXL’s front office digitization solutions like omni-channel, computer vision, and mobility-enabled self-service helps improve user experience for its clients’ customers. The company has deployed over 500 solutions for 40-plus clients across domains like insurance, F&A, utilities, healthcare and travel, yielding anything from a 30 to 100 percent spike in efficiency.

EXL’s frontend teams helped in evangelization of the capability in client geos and also helped in educating the clients, leading to the accelerated uptake of the solution. The team also partnered with the capability development team for augmenting in-house talent available for the development of these cutting edge solutions.