Ajit Awasare
CIO Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

Godrej Infotech manages the datacenter setup and operations for Godrej and Boyce (G&B). To support and satisfy G and B business requirements of elasticity, agility and security, Godrej Infotech wanted to convert this datacenter into an elastic, hybrid cloud datacenter. The original datacenter was built as a fixed load setup, for use in production ERP, which comprised of on-premise servers & storage, test and development environments. To satisfy the changing business requirements we moved this to an on-premise pay per use model for cost optimization together with use of public cloud for agility.

E-commerce infrastructure was setup on a public cloud and an express route was established for bandwidth and latency demand. The e-commerce development and business teams defined business drivers like visitor load as per seasonality etc. Use of cloud option enabled scaling of Infrastructure as per changes in demand. Which means capacity can be decreased or increased as per requirement. Cloud was also leveraged to develop a content delivery network for faster page loads, in a pay as per use model, to optimize cost while at the same time fulfilling peak load demands. Non ERP & satellite dev/test systems were also moved to public cloud for scalability.

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