Alok Khanna
CIO Sep 07th 2016
Digital Innovation Strategy

For continual improvement in B2B service and to meet future capacity requirements, the Indian Oil in-house team upgraded multi nodes high-availability cluster hardware, enterprise server OS, storage, database management, middleware and enterprise security. 

With state-of-the-art disaster recovery setup of web dispatcher, squid proxy, and standby servers between primary site at Gurgaon and data recovery sites at Bengaluru and Gurgaon, they achieved almost zero recovery point objective (RPO) and less than 30 minutes recovery time objective (RTO). The upgraded middleware solution has helped the corporation to enhance customer experience and business values in the form of convenience, simplicity, integration, and savings. 

Indian Oil maximized their ROI by successfully running ‘business processes for oil exchange across oil companies’, e-Collection of payments from customers, SMS- and app-based indenting for dealers and consumers, vehicle tracking system, Fleet Cards, digital platform for Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), invoice/ data exchange with various airlines. Indian Oil is one of the first few in the non-banking sector to introduce this technology for channel partners. 

Costs were reduced hugely by e-collections and e-payments due to reduction staff overhead and time involved. SMS indenting ensured revenue generation to the tune of over Rs. 800 crores. The IT up-gradation led to a reduction in lead times through faster payments and credits leading to the overall employee and customer satisfaction. 

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