Aneesh Nair
CIO Aug 30th 2017
NDTV, as an organization is out to leverage technology to address issues beyond its core expertise. It got out of its comfort zone to develop mHealth platform that would empower patient care, provide instant access to patient information and promote proactive monitoring.
mHealth as a mobile ecosystem connects all the entities associated with a particular healthcare ecosystem: The hospital, its patients, their families, the doctors, medical services, health/wellness trackers, emergency services, pharmacies, and insurance/TPAs. The platform offers patients an overall view of their health with a combination of data acquired through digital health trackers and the hospital’s information system. Patients can access hospital services, book doctor appointments, schedule tests, health check-ups and view the reports all on a mobile platform. The 24x7 active platform ensures the hospital constantly monitors the patient’s health parameters and alerts in case anything is amiss. It helps in delivering targeted medical intervention through its EHR/EMR access in case of emergency situations.
The platform also helps in bridging the gap of medical care to patients, through a mHealth platform that connects the hospital, its doctors and its medical services, emergency services to its patients and their families. The platform aims to EMPOWER patients in managing their health. 

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