Anuj Joshi
CIO Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

Evalueserve’s project created an innovative solution for server backup and real-time restoration that has changed the way people look at data, backup and recovery. It offers a hybrid cloud storage solution to selectively move critical workloads to the cloud. Evalueserve collaborated with a third party, to simplify data management by automatically replicating copy of active data to the cloud. It replicates the file from local servers to cloud and saves data as a cloud snapshot. These snapshots ensure the data is always available and in case of emergencies, it can be accessed in real time. The data is encrypted, de-duplicated and compressed as it is transferred to local storage or cloud. In the first deployment of its kind in Asia, Evalueserve has successfully rolled out hybrid storage solution for on-premise and cloud based file / data repository servers. The cost benefit analysis and ROI, both turned in favor of Evalueserve.

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