Bhaskar Jutti
CIO Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

SBI Life Insurance’s project involves the Aadhar-based integration of eKYC and eSign in its Connect Life applications aimed at going paperless for sourcing of new proposals.  The company saved heavily on manpower to verify the documents and improved the turnaround time as the information of the user is fetched from Aadhaar in real time.

Using eKYC, the customer’s address, mobile number, email id and DOB could be auto-populated from the Aadhar database. It used the eSign service to authenticate signers and facilitated digital signing of documents. SBI Life Insurance incorporated the usage of biometric iris and fingerprint scanning to capture the customers’ eye and fingerprint image and send it to the Aadhar server. This ensured the eSign procedure was done securely and with higher efficiency.

As the proposal document is digitally signed, document tampering is not possible and the authentication process is secured. The initiative also facilitated a faster approval and policy issuance process.

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