Kshitij Mulay
CIO Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

P&G India wanted to drive breakthrough business results and employ digitization to aid it. Therefore, “Project Gold Standard” was set in motion to enhance digital capabilities of the company. P&G engaged with its strategic partners in a unique outcome-based agreement with ‘Deliver India, Lead the Globe’ mindset.

The project had four pillars linked to sales, supply chain, marketing and finance. Each pillar chose a problem in their domain and co-created disruptive digital solutions. Big data cluster on the cloud, advanced business intelligence and visualization tools were used to provide real-time, actionable insights that would drive top line growth. End-to-end synchronization of inventory, sales forecast and master data on a cloud platform was enabled to better customer experience.

Real-time alerts were used to align business priorities and drive proactive customer collaboration. Reach more consumers at a lower ROI by moving to data driven targeting of potential consumers versus mass targeting. Automated planning via tools was done for superior executional excellence to drive unique and high quality trial.

P&G India derived major benefits out of the project. The company drove incremental business, reached more consumers, and achieved major savings in trade spend-one of the biggest spend areas of P&G.

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