Mahesh Mistry
CIO Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

Adani Gas has introduced a mobile app with hand-held printer device for consumer billing. Previously, all meter readings were taken by approaching customers door-to-door. The readings were then compiled in spreadsheets and uploaded on the database system for billing. Then, invoices were distributed to customers through a bill distribution agency. The entire cycle from meter reading to bill distribution used to take about 20 days.                                            

The new spot billing solution eliminated the 20-day cycle and huge back-office operation costs. The spot billing mobile application generates instant bills and is printed on Bluetooth printers attached to handheld devices. This reduced the payback period drastically saving interest loss of about Rs 13.7 lakh and about Rs 13.6 lakh in cost of stationary, printing and delivery. The reduction in billing cycles and manual efforts has helped in creating fast cash-flows, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the company.

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