Mayur Danait
CIO Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

Lupin’s project, Pulse involves a reporting, dashboarding and analytics platform to generate business insights by using key performance indicators and metrics. The platform combines external as well as internal enterprise data, correlates it and generates powerful business analytics to help run the business operations.

The key performance indicators covered under the project include sales, finance, field operations and marketing. The Lupin Pulse system integrates data from multiple systems—internal hosted ERP, cloud hosted CRM as well as industry data. Under the project, the company undertook deployment of a critical business intelligence (BI) solution on the cloud.

The system's dashboards provide key analytics to the users with ‘slice and dice’ capability. It has the ability to drill down from national level to the lowest level of granularity. Its ability to generate incisive insights from internal and external data ensures a single version of the truth across internal and external data sources for defined KPIs and metrics.

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