Mohd. Shadab Siddiqui
CIO Aug 30th 2017

Digital Innovation Strategy

Jackhammer, the new suite developed to analyze code, web applications, mobile applications, network, and content management system, is one of its kind for the combination of tools used in its implementation. The tools include static analysis, dynamic web app analysis, mobile security, API security, network security, CMS security, docker or container security and vulnerability manager.

The normalized reports which are easy to understand are then made available to developers, QAs, TPMs and security leaders. A dockerized orchestrator model enables users to scale tools plugged to the suite by automatic load balancing. It maintains a registry and scans in concurrent mode.

One of the key benefits of the suite is the integrated vulnerability manager that can be plugged into ticketing systems. It is integrated with advanced alert systems that can send alerts in all possible manners such as SMS, email, slack, and pager duty. The user has complete control over changes that takes place in the repository as the suite is plugged into CI system and Git via hooks.

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