Neha Kini
CIO Sep 14th 2015

Digital Innovation Strategy

Each application or system used in today’s IT environments opens up potential for new threat vectors which need continuous monitoring, reporting and elimination. Sterlite Copper conducts extensive audits periodically on both IT and OT systems, which not only covers vulnerability assessment (VA) and penetration testing (PT), but looks at all possible threats by running various tools on the applications and end points, reviewing the processes and rating the organization on the cyber security front.

Any custom software developments of the organization are scanned for security flaws and fixed before putting to use. The source code is efficiently scanned for security vulnerabilities and codes are certified for any identified gaps. The company has also implemented a UI logging and field masking solution, which is an active form of suppressing display of sensitive corporate data. It has also deployed remote authentication dial-in user service (RADIUS), which is a networking protocol that provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) management. Wireless LAN infrastructure has also been completely refreshed.  

A wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) is enabled for security policy enforcement at the network and attack signatures are continually updated from cloud. To implement the intrusion prevention system, all the old firewalls have also been refreshed. Sterlite Copper is in implementation of a next level of information security products such as data leakage prevention, privileged identity management, multi factor authentication, anti-threat protection, etc.

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