Nirmala Shridhar
CIO Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

v-eConnect+ is a digital project in which Vijaya Bank has introduced the aggregation of all its services into a single app. The application provides a wide choice to its customers on the products and services. The customers also have the ease of accessing all their favorite mobile apps, internet banking, websites, etc., all through the single platform itself.  

The application can help to enhance security and management of debit and credit cards of customers. It provides the option of switching off cards temporarily and switch it back on when needed, in case there is a threat suspected by a user. Customers can do this by locking and unlocking the cards with a single touch, assisting them to act instantly in case of any security threats.

v-eConnect+  gives real-time transaction alerts and users have the option of customizing transaction types. Customers can manage their account transactions through processes like tagging, memo and merchant receipt capture. The ease of accessing all the bank’s digital services in aggregated manner has improved customer experience manifold.

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