R P Rath
CIO Sep 14th 2015

RP Rath is the SVP-Technology at Quatrro Global Services. Previously, he has worked with Wipro, Spectramind and PCSolutions.
Digital Strategy:

Quatrro Global Services was initially struggling to manage increased client demand in quality service and infrastructure availability due to reasons like infrastructure not being agile to fulfil renewed demand. Old servers, storage, and network etc. accumulated along with upgrade, replacement, repair, and maintenance further complicated due to lack of on-field support personnel. Reachability and scalability of the infrastructure was another concern.

The entire inventory was reviewed and cost benefit analysis was conducted for the current infrastructure vs Cloud as replacement. Downtime impact, key dependencies and risk mitigation plan was prepared along with project approach. Solution framework was arranged with planning, build, stabilization, deployment, post migration support and knowledge build. Comparison matrix for all the above was prepared on current vs future setup. Decision was taken to move the entire infrastructure to Cloud.

Cloud movement strategy: Project team was formed with representation from internal stakeholders like IT, Business and external stakeholders from partners to execute the project.

While business continued to access the services from the DC, a parallel setup was created in the Cloud as per the prescribed system resources agreed with partners. Once the infrastructure was ready, some critical steps like virtualization for servers and storage, creation of recovery plan with failover setup, and data flow check were performed. And then data, Business- Client traffic was moved from DC to Cloud. A dedicated firewall layer was created for additional security. After successful migration, Cloud billing was reviewed thoroughly and required corrections were made to achieve accurate invoices as per plan.

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