S Raghunatha Reddy
CIO Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

UTI Asset Management provides its customers the convenience of investment management with the help of a mobile application. The financial advice, which is a critical part of the company can be accessed by the customer through the mobile app. This application allows the customers to choose the appropriate products based on their investment objective and complete the entire investment process through the mobile application itself.

The app also allows the investor to verify the investment growth, perform financial and non-financial transactions, generate accounts, etc. The performance of the products as well as investment managers’ outlook for the future are also shared through the app, helping customers in deciding on their investment strategies. The application uses Aadhar-based eKYC for the prospects to complete the process digitally and integrates with other mobile applications built for financial advisors.

The solution has also facilitated the extended sales force of the company (financial advisors/agents) in becoming more productive and focus on sales advice rather than on the operational aspects of execution. The application has been downloaded by 1.25 lakh customers and has 36,000 active users.

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