Sanjay Chakraborty
CIO Aug 30th 2017
L&T is globally known for delivering some of the largest reactors and pressure vessels to over 40 countries. The company harnesses highly critical and sophisticated welding processes such as Electro Slag Strip Cladding (ESSC) based on advanced metallurgical practices. 
While the processes are undertaken by specialized and mechanized welding stations, the welding stations were earlier controlled manually with at least three to five personnel. As a result, it proved to be quite hazardous and needed skilled operators to avoid mistakes. Hence, the challenge was to not only reduce the loss of productive time and skills incurred by repeated in-person check-ins but also provide a safer work environment.
The company launched a strategic initiative to enhance operations solution to create a smart welding station, connected to the company’s datacenter for advance analysis. The station also includes a real-time dashboard for all operational parameters and remote monitoring.
Undertaking this solution, the company improved its productivity by almost 25 percent, and reduced its cycle time by 15 percent, and achieved significant cost benefit.

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