Veena Vasanth
CIO Sep 07th 2016

Digital Innovation Strategy

To manage user’s entire mobile device fleet, Biocon implemented an EMM suite of solution as a part of its Enterprise Cyber and Information Security initiative. The EMM solution ensures that data from corporate emails on mobile and tablets are managed securely and containerized so that they aren’t moved to any local storage or personal apps. It provides a secure productivity suite that includes mail, browser and application.

This solution provides an option to access intranet application through a secure browser. It delivers secure custom applications to mobile devices ensuring confidentiality of the data.

This initiative reduces work load with BYOD policy and empowers user with increased mobility and better customer services. It also provides advanced mobile management and seamless enterprise access. Stakeholders helped in making the enterprise catalogue for third party and in-house app, app security and compliance policies, including blacklisting, whitelisting and authentication.

This solution has also increased the security and brought in compliance enforcement to a very satisfactory level.

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