Fujitsu announces World Tour India

The tour, featuring national and global experts, will be held in Mumbai and Delhi and is expected to attract more than 500 attendees this year.  

Article - Can Fujitsu Break Into the Indian Market?

Mark Wilson, senior VP-Sales (Middle East, Africa and India), Fujitsu Technology Solutions and Pallab Talukdar, CEO-India operations, defend Fujitsu's less-than-aggressive approach to the Indian market and promise change.

Top Story - Fujitsu pushes wearable IoT tags that detect falls, heat stress

Fujitsu has developed stamp-sized wearable sensor tags that can detect whether users have changed their location or posture, fallen down or are experiencing high heat.

Top Story - World's Fastest Computer Breaks Its Own Record

The most powerful computer in the world , the "K" supercomputer by Fujitsu and RIKEN, recently got its power bolstered.

Top Story - Fujitsu develops thin, solar-powered IoT beacon

In a move that could help spread IoT (Internet of Things) devices, Fujitsu has developed a thin, flexible IoT beacon that can send out location and ID information to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Top Story - Fujitsu offers way to double capacity in wireless cells

The technology could ease cellular congestion in crowded venues such as stadiums

Top Story - Fujitsu's thin heat pipe could let smartphone chips run cooler

If parts of your phone are sometimes too hot to handle, Fujitsu may have the answer: a thin heat pipe that can spread heat around mobile devices, reducing extremes of temperature.

Fujitsu brainstorm room lets you write on the walls

If you take the concept of the paperless office seriously, Fujitsu has a meeting room just for you.

fujitsu EDM LIFEBOOK S760 11 Mar 2010

fujitsu EDM LIFEBOOK S760  11 Mar 2010

fujitsu EDM LIFEBOOK T900 11 Mar 2010

fujitsu EDM LIFEBOOK T900 11 Mar 2010