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Fujitsu Phone Keeps Corporate Data Safe

Japan's Fujitsu has developed a phone that addresses a problem facing businesses today: how to allow employees access to corporate IT systems from their own phones while keeping control over corporate data and avoiding deliberate or inadvertent leaks.

Fujitsu phone application analyzes golf swing

By the end of this year, Fujitsu plans to offer a cell phone application that will analyze your golf swing, pinpoint problems and show you how to correct them.

Fujitsu's new cell phone splits in two

The F-04B phone has a detachable QWERTY keyboard and will be on sale in Japan in April 2010

8 ways to get the most out of your ERP system

Experts in ERP software share tips on choosing, deploying and managing an ERP system.


November 12, 2009 On this week's World Tech Update Intel and AMD settle all antitrust litigation and patent disputes, CEA holds its annual CES preview in New York, Australian iPhones get Rick Astley wallpaper, Fujitsu breaks a phone in two, HP plans to acquire 3Com, the European Commission issues a formal statement of objections over Oracle's planned acquisition of Sun, Nokia recalls mobile phone chargers, Intel launches a new e-reader and an MIT robot acts as driving companion.

BlackBerry Readies a Special Edition Z10

A roundup of the most important technology news around the world!

Open source unleashes blockchain's enterprise potential

Move over, bitcoin -- the Linux Foundation has big plans for an open distributed ledger system to track and record all sorts of transactions beyond currencies

10 Most Powerful Supercomputers on the Planet

Top500’s bi-annual list of the most powerful supercomputers is out and it shows little variation from the previous list.

Analysis: Hyped or Not, Data 2.0 Kicks In

Big Data is not a myth, but it is extremely overhyped. That's the resounding sentiment among channel players.

Where We Stand with SDN

SDN controllers communicate with and control OpenFlow-compliant network devices in these newly bifurcated environments.