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Fujitsu Phone Keeps Corporate Data Safe

Japan's Fujitsu has developed a phone that addresses a problem facing businesses today: how to allow employees access to corporate IT systems from their own phones while keeping control over corporate data and avoiding deliberate or inadvertent leaks.

Fujitsu brainstorm room lets you write on the walls

If you take the concept of the paperless office seriously, Fujitsu has a meeting room just for you.

Fujitsu phone application analyzes golf swing

By the end of this year, Fujitsu plans to offer a cell phone application that will analyze your golf swing, pinpoint problems and show you how to correct them.

Fujitsu's new cell phone splits in two

The F-04B phone has a detachable QWERTY keyboard and will be on sale in Japan in April 2010

The top 10 supercomputers in the world, 20 years ago

Two decades is a long time--especially in the world of supercomputing. Here's a quick look back.

8 ways to get the most out of your ERP system

Experts in ERP software share tips on choosing, deploying and managing an ERP system.

It's not super-advanced security attacks that threaten organisations: Websense

According to security software company, Websense, existing malware attacks on organisations aren't brand new threats. Instead, it's the very small mutations of existing threats that easily get by most security models.

3 steps to digitizing your work for maximum productivity

From the earliest days as a marketing slogan, the elusive concept of the so-called paperless office may finally be taking shape, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by. A growing number of small businesses and startups, unencumbered by legacy processes, are quietly ditching printouts for an all-digital ecosystem, buoyed by soaring BYOD ownership and growing familiarity with a plethora of cloud services.

BlackBerry Readies a Special Edition Z10

A roundup of the most important technology news around the world!

Developments in call monitoring technology surge

Huawei and Ericsson appear to be the main players for securing handsets, judging by recent patent filings.