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The CIO100 Special Awards: Collaboration Champions, Presented by Syndrome

Disruptive Technologies Will Drive Differentiation: Happiest Minds

Salil Godika, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Happiest Minds, believes that enterprises can leverage disruptive technologies to drive differentiation.

Does IT Realize that Business Has No Interest in Tech Talk?

There is a growing trend of LoBs bypassing IT. Samir Bodas, CEO of Icertis says IT is beginning to lose their strangle hold on purchasing decisions.

8 Ways to Create a Successful Multichannel Customer Experience

Consumers today want it all. They want the convenience of shopping online but they crave the visual, emotional and physical experience of touching and trying on (or out) items, which they get by shopping in store.

Managing Great UXpectations in 2014: CIO Think Tank

One of the major reasons for the failure of IT projects is user resistance. As mobility and social media come of age in 2014, it could be the best time to shift your focus to user experience.

The Grand Jury-CIO 100 2013

The Grand Jury consists of all accomplished CIO Hall of Fame entrants, is ideally placed to lend its expertise and judgement in evaluating the nominations for 2013.

Do Top IT Companies in India Hire Autistic Adults?

Can adults with Austim Spectrum Disorder (ASD) land a job at one of the top IT recruiters in India? You will be shocked to know the answer.

Indian CIOs Keen on Adopting SDN

Even though SDN is in a very nascent stage, it is gradually attracting the attention of Indian CIOs. What might have been perceived as a hype yesterday, is fast becoming a reality now.

CIO100 2014: The Jury Awards

CIO100 2014: The Jury