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Top Story - Trend Micro Defends World Cup Fans from Cyber Attacks

Trend Micro has launched an initiative to help protect users from potential security threats during the FIFA World Cup that began on 12 June.

Top Story - Trend Micro Acquires U.K. Cloud Storage Vendor Humyo

Trend Micro announced it has acquired humyo, an online storage and data synchronization company, for an undisclosed price

Top Story - Trend Micro’s Security Smorgasbord

Trend Micro  dished out a smorgasbord of endpoint security products that put the focus on Trend's cloud-based architecture and its partnership with systems-management vendor BigFix.


Top Story - Mobile ‘sextortion' schemes on rise, Trend Micro reports

Whitepaper - Threat Roundup and Forecast: Cybercrime Isn’t Predictable. But Trend Micro is.

Trend Micro continues to see explosive growth in Web threats: threats that use the Internet to perform malicious activities.  Unbeknownst to the PC user, these threats persist in their utilization of automated techniques and exploitation of vulnerabilities to achieve identity and information theft. Learn more about Trend Micro's global threat research, support organization, and Network Security Services.


Source: Trend Micro Published Date : 14/01/2008 Posted Date : 13/04/2009 Length : 12

Top Story - Trend Micro Takes Aim At Stealthy Hackers

Trend Micro says it can catch hackers in action breaking into networks and trying to steal secrets with a new line of line of network-analysis tools and security services.

Top Story - Trend Micro Purchase Boosts Data Protection

Trend Micro is extending its data protection capabilities with the acquisition of Mobile Armor.

Top Story - Trend Micro: Core Protection For Virtual Machines

Trend Micro is expanding its overall virtualization security portfolio with the introduction of a content security solution to protect VMware ESX/ESXi environments.

Top Story - Trend Micro Expands Its Hosted Security Service

Trend Micro is delivering a new subscription-based, hosted service solution that will allow small businesses to be securely connected, according to a release.

Top Story - Trend Micro Releases Free Stuxnet Detection Tool

Trend Micro said it is still getting calls from customers concerned about the Stuxnet malware