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India has potential to become Global Tech Hub : Dr. Naoya Takahashi, Hitachi Systems

We are leveraging the big market opportunity through comprehensive suite of 24x7 services through our NOC and SOC from India says Dr. Naoya Takahashi, President & CEO, Hitachi Systems.

Hunting crooks on a digital playground

In a world filled with cybercriminals unimpeded by national borders, Interpol digital crime manager, Steve Honiss, and personnel at the new Interpol Global complex for innovation in Singapore are tasked with thwarting the efforts of these international gangs.

Gartner: Move to cloud makes work more complex

One revelation: Nearly 30% of servers are zombies

Tokenization would not have prevented most retail breaches

Tokenization, where credit card numbers and other sensitive data is replaced by random characters, can be a secure alternative to encryption in many cases -- but would not have helped in the majority of retail breaches over the past two years.

The easy Java and Flash security fix everyone hates to do

Quickly patching vulnerable software is key to keeping computer systems secure. Yet, consumers are increasingly leaving their systems open to attack by failing to patch two ubiquitous third-party programs: Oracle's Java and Adobe's Flash.

Why corporate security pros should care about the Ashley Madison breach

Names of Ashley Madison customers are a treasure trove for spear phishers

Malware: War without End

Ceaselessly, with no end in sight despite outlays that amount to a tax on doing business, the decades-long struggle against malware drags on.

OpenStack Board Member Rob Hirschfeld on the impact of DevOps, SDN, Docker & more

Rob Hirschfeld, community-elected OpenStack board member and Crowbar co-creator, shared awesome nuggets of wisdom on datacenter and cloud operations.

Working towards the green data centre

With the amount of energy now required to power the world's data centres, the consumption policies and strategies surrounding them are becoming rather critical to organisations hoping to achieve sustainability and remain competitive.

'Five Styles of Advanced Threat Defense' can Protect Enterprise from Attacks in 2014

Gartner's report, "Five Styles of Advanced Threat Defense" defines technical "styles" that are ways to tackle the threat of stealthy attacks,beyond simply using traditional security, such as anti-virus or firewalls.