Manufacturing Videos 2018

If you missed out this year’s edition of Manufacturing Summit 2018 or want to revisit the sessions, here is our extensive coverage of the event, featuring IT leaders (and the presentations used in their respective sessions).

Human-machine interface- changing dynamics: Prasun Nandy

Prasun Nandy, Director, Data and Analytics, PWC India, elaborates on the backbone of the human-machine confluence and the competing forces which will shape the workforce of 2030. 

Manufacturing in the fourth industrial revolution: Nitin Singhal

Nitin Singhal, Regional Vice President, Salesforce, session focuses on disruption caused in traditional value chains and enhancing connected customer experience by ushering the new era of growth in manufacturing. 

Role of a new age ICT partner in manufacturing: Surajit Chaudhuri

Surajit Chaudhuri, Head-Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Sify, talks about industry 4.0 use and existing digital ICT trends.

Technology trends in integration and digital process automation: Sujan Balachandran

Sujan Balachandran, Product Strategy Director, Oracle integration cloud, talks about agile customer engagement, challenges in manufacturing and the role of cloud in the digital transformation of automation.

Security concerns in digital manufacturing: Puneet Bhasin

Puneet Bhasin, International Cyber Law Expert, sheds light on the various cyber security concerns in digital manufacturing, laws regarding privacy breach of an organization and penalties faced when a company fails to observe security practices which leads to failure in protecting data.

Samarth Udyog- creating a smart factory: Parna Ghosh

Parna Ghosh, Vice President and Group CIO, UNO MINDA Group, speaks about Samarth Udyog which deals with smart manufacturing at shop floor through IoT, smart warehouse management through RFID and auto invoices based on bot application. 

Enabling growth in a digital age for the manufacturing sector: Harsh Kumar

Harsh Kumar, General Business Services Industrial Sector Partner, IBM, talks about enabling sustainable growth in a digital age while focusing on the challenges and having a strategy in place. 

Digital transformation in manufacturing: Krishnaprem Bhatia

Krishnaprem Bhatia, Director Product Strategy, Oracle, talks about Oracle integration cloud and how it can solve challenges of manufacturing industry.