CIO Leadership Summit 2011

Key Highlights

Srinivasan Iyengar

Aegon Religare, COO
"Pure Technology is no longer a key, business embedded technical knowledge is. After staying the course of a CIO, It is simpler to deduce that they are technically strong, aligned with big strategies and can handle the execution of business. Not only are they focused on TCO/ROI, they are capable of building a strong team and people management skills. Read More

Alagandan Balaraman

CGN Associates, Partner & MD
"It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a CIO position. But it’s been 7 years out of the IT field, but it seems that I’ve acquired a life long learning. Before moving into a new role, I have always asked myself. Do I feel that there is a need to change today? It is to realize that the changing a role in IT is equivalent to personal change. Read More

Manish Choksi

Asian Paints, Chief Corporate Strategy & CIO
"Today, people play a host of roles in organizations. They start with a certain, allocated role and transcend into various other roles through their lifespan in the organization. There is also a prevailing idea of various professionals transcending to a role like that of a CEO and then returning to their original role. This, in my opinion, is far more difficult than something like entrepreneurship. I will talk about my experiences today. To start off with, I must say that Indian society is rather nepotistic in its approach to education with children expected to pursue career paths based on societal constructs rather than genuine interest. Read More

Vinay Dhabolkar

Catalign Consulting, President
"Honing leadership along with an innovation strategy is crucial for CIOs in staying ahead in the competition. An innovation leader is one who influences innovations and /or inspires innovators. One can classify them into solvers, surfers, capacity builders and champions. Read More

Sridhar Mitta

NextWeath Entrepreneurs, MD & Founder
"I’d like to make a confession that I was never a CIO before. But for a fair part of my career of forty years, I was a CTO. As a technologist, I faced a lot of challenges which are similar to what typical CIOs will face in their roles. Two years ago, I gave a talk in the same forum on the transition of roles from CIO to business and to the entrepreneurial role. Today, I am told, that transition is accepted and many CIOs have already gone through it. Read More