Top financial services CIOs in Southeast Asia

Here we have a list of top CIOs and IT executives in the financial services industry across the ASEAN region.

Former Tesco Bank CEO: Retailers, not fintechs, future of banking

As a result of the banks’ attempts to deflect blame, on top of the misconduct and putting profits over customers, trust in them has nosedived, says Benny Higgins.

Why CIOs and tech leaders are moving to voice-first strategies

A majority of CIOs and IT directors believe that a ‘Voice First’ strategy will be in place within less than five years, according to a recent survey conducted by Sapio Research. 

What is CGEIT? A certification for seasoned IT governance professionals

CGEIT is a vendor-neutral certification designed for IT professionals responsible for managing IT enterprise governance to validate their skills in the field.

Most inspiring books for CIOs and IT leaders

Best books for CIOs and technology leaders 2018

Shopping for Dx: A checklist for enterprise SD-WAN customers

Finding the best SD-WAN fit starts with evaluating branch WAN bandwidth and application requirements.

Manchester City Council CIO Bob Brown on how to make a city smart

Since 2016's ICT strategy the local authority has reshaped its infrastructure and has some soaring aspirations for the city.

Deep dive learning: Govt department uses AI to monitor fish stocks

Counting the fish in the waters off Darwin has, until recently, been either deadeningly dull or potentially deadly, depending on the way you go about it.

How to tell which IoT predictions to pay attention to

There’s a blizzard of vendors and analysts issuing IoT predictions for 2019 and beyond. Here’s a primer on how to read them.

CIOs will slow down AI implementations: Report

The type of IT leadership in your business will determine the rate at which you can access data and hence how quickly you can implement your AI-driven solution, predicts Ecosystm. 

‘Antichrist of AI’ reveals tech trends of 2019

Here is why the market and investors should avoid the “halo effect” of “shiny, new technologies” like AI, quantum computing and 5G. 

Hyperconvergence: Not just for specific workloads anymore

Hyperconvergence has come a long way in a relatively short time, and enterprises are taking advantage of the new capabilities.