Build what’s next with Google Cloud: Mohit Pande

Mohit Pande, Country manager-India, Google Cloud spoke to more than 100 CIO’s at CIO100 2017 about how enterprises can innovatively use Google Cloud.  

Google Cloud is a platform that powers more than one billion users simultaneously, and runs the likes of Youtube and the Google search engine is now available for enterprises to use, said Mohit Pande, Country manager-India, Google Cloud. The platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, storage and application development that run on Google hardware.

Pande believes that every company has to become a data company either now or in the future and each company will have to shift to cloud. Unstructured data and the shift in the way data is stored is helping enterprises to move to Cloud, he said.

“We are shifting to cloud for infrastructural reasons, a shift from metal and real estate to Cloud. However, for Google, we were a company born in Cloud 19 years ago and continue to be the same even today. Right from our search engine to Android, Playstore, Gmail, Youtube all together hold more than one billion users on their platforms,” said Pande.

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According to Pande, various companies such as HSBC, eBay and Snapchat have already started using the cloud platform for enterprise activities. The advantage of using Google Cloud platform is that it is infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, software as a service, all rolled into one. Machine learning helps people to build on the platform and collaborate, using technologies like internet of things, and big data.

Most Google Cloud Platform services follow a pay-as-you-go model in which there are no upfront payments. Users pay only for the cloud resources they consume. Specific terms and rates, however, vary from service to service making it more cost effective.