CIO Year Ahead 2018: Event Commentary

CIO Year Ahead 2018: Event Commentary

The CIO Year Ahead 2018 event commentary for a minute by minute update of the event.

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Until next time

The two-day mega IT conference was action-packed with riveting sessions, insightful discussions and peer to peer thought leader conversations. See you next year, but before we sign out, a special thanks and shoutout to our wonderful sponsors.

End keynote

India will become data rich before it becomes economically rich.

India is embracing a JAM digital economy

15 million people in india use eKYC every day, says Sharad Sharma.

The India Stack: Shifting gears

Sharad Sharma, Co-founder of thinktank iSPIRT talks to top CIOs about India's innovation leapfrog at CIO Year Ahead.

3D-Printing in the Indian market

Pop quiz!

The next frontier

3D-Printing! The next big thing since 1986..

Data is oil, but is it refined?

Data matters:

Data, APIs and analytics, inside and outside the firewall.

IT and business-led.

Compliance and analytics use cases with data lakes, self-service analytics, regulations and data science.

Common capabilities like policy administration, metadata, consent management.

Governance 2.0

IBM's Manmeet Singh Kahlon talks to India's top CIOs about unified governance, importance of compliance and data lakes.

Confused about customer journey?

Only 5% of marketers have mastered the ability to predict and adapt to the customer journey.

Innovation with acceleration

Raghavendran Kandaswami of SAS India talks about the priorities related to analytics at CIO Year Ahead.

Customer experience.

The IoT analytics challenge.

Re-thinking analytics for improving state of wallet.

Rethinking customer journeys.

Appls for agile analytics consumption.

The new disruptor

Governance has started to become a disruption in itself, governance around devices, around data and different layers of infrastructure, and also around sharing of data and intelligence within and outside the organization, says, Venu Reddy.

Biggest asset: Smart data

Analytics is the differentiator that has long term impact, says Venu Reddy, GM, IDC CCR.

The changing role of the CIO

40% of CIOs agree to consulting with the marketing team to determine their needs and requirements. Atleast 77% are always meeting with potential vendors, while almost 60% are involved in negotiating terms of services and SLAs.

State of the CIO Survey 2018: CIO vs. CEO goals

CIO focus areas

Aligning IT with business goals.

Implementing new systems and architecture.

Improving IT operations.

CEO focus areas

Upgrade IT and data security to avoid breaches.

Simplify IT.

Lead product innovation effort.

Winds of change

Executive editor Yogesh Gupta unveils the State of the CIO Survey 2018.

Day 2: The action continues

After a riveting Day 1 filled with power-packed sessions and insightful discussions, anchor and senior correspondent Soumik Ghosh begins Day 2 of CIO Year Ahead.

The fun does not end here

Keep watching this space as we will come back tomorrow with Day 2 of CIO Year Ahead, the action-packed gathering of India's top CIOs.

Special thanks to our sponsors!

The bigger picture

People who are born in the digital world collaborate better, traditional mindsets need to change, says Suvasish Mohapatra of Accenture India.

The tipping point

30 percent of all apps will be migrated to public cloud by 2018, and by 2019, 91 percent of organizations will be on the cloud, says Suvasish Mohapatra, MD of Accenture Operations India.

Close to a wrap!

For the last session of the day, Accenture India's Suvasish Mohapatra takes stage at CIO Year Ahead to illustrate the enterprise's rise to the cloud.

IBM's giant leap

Digital disruption is affecting virtually industry and profession: Ravi Jain.

The new era

Data, data, data

90 percent of the world's data was created in the last two years, says IBM's Ravi Jain at CIO Year Ahead.

Digital innovation needs cloud

IT startups are not focusing on the indian market whereas large providers are, says Dr. S Raghunath of IIM-Bangalore.

Caught in a cloud doubt?

CISCO's approach to security

Don't drown in the sea of alerts

With increasing device complexity, the security team needs an ecosystem that can convey the most critical alerts without delay, says Cisco's Vishak Raman at CIO Year Ahead.

Cybersecurity: Beyond the box

Vishak Raman tells CIOs how to plug the cybersecurity gap in the enterprise.

Get serious about data

With emerging tech like AI, privacy violations will only increase, says Prashant Mali at CIO Year Ahead.

Data Privacy - Challenges remain

Prashant Mali, Cyber Crime Expert Lawyer delves into the importance of cyber laws and why CIOs need to gear up for privacy compliance.

The stage is on

Aster a sumptuous lunch, the second half of CIO Year Ahead's Day 1 is about to begin. Up next is the security segment, powered by HP Inc., where we delve into cybersecurity trends and how enterprises can protect themselves.

Do You Know Your "X"?

The factor that defines whether you can be successful in digital transformation.

Chat with the editor

Executive editor, Shantheri Mallaya, talks to HP Inc's Anurag Gupta and Meraj Ahmad about experiencing digital in a new way.

Father of ecommerce in India at CIO Year Ahead

Who is a successful digital leader?

Sharing the burden

Running, not walking towards cloud

Moving towards new business models: Better that we do it, than somebody else does it for us, says HP Inc's Meraj Ahmad.

Welcome Address

Shantheri Mallaya, our beloved Executive Editor welcomes all the delegates, sponsors, speakers and guests to the 11th edition of IDG's CIO Year Ahead.

The stage is set

A shoutout to our wonderful sponsors!

The IT roadmap for 2018 - Ready to be drafted