Data Fabric eases data handling between clouds: Amit Didolkar, NetApp

NetApp's Data Fabric gives always-on access to your data and seamless management from flash to disk to cloud; and easy management of data between clouds.

Poojitha Jayadevan Sep 04th 2017

Data-centric organization is no small undertaking; and so is data management. said Amit Didolkar, director of sales at NetApp. He was addressing a group of CIOs at the CIO100 2017. Security, efficiency, being future-proof, and freedom of choice are the four main pillars of data management.

Data Fabric is an architecture that allows to place data anywhere and then move it around. “NetApp’s Data fabric is built essentially for a data centric world. If you have built cloud-based application on one cloud, and you want a disaster recovery for it on an alternative cloud, it’s not possible,” says Didolkar. This is not possible for the simple reason that different clouds have different formats. “If you want to shift between clouds, it’s not quite possible, that is why we have built this fabric,” he adds.

This unique solution which is used by more than 1500 cloud providers, is a solution to it by penetrating through many clouds and then allowing migration. This solution is implemented by taking the storage controller of the traditional on-premise product and exporting that functionality to the software that sits on the cloud. The software is exactly the same and the data architecture on both sides are exactly the same. This solution is optimized to protect, designed for simplicity, created to embrace new opportunity and open to enrich choice.