'Demo' zeroes down on the innovative startups of the year: Part II

On Day 2 of CIO India’s Year Ahead 2017, more promising fledglings present their products in this ‘Demo’ session.

A distinct trait of experience is to recognize potential and that is one of the many things we pride ourselves on. In an effort to identify the future pioneers in the industry, we recognize and zero-down on young businesses that have already proven themselves – the shining stars on the horizon.
As a part of this vision, here we continue to highlight some more companies we’ve identified, focused on the solutions they have to offer, and understand what makes them differentiators in their space. Demo, an endeavour by CIO India, focuses on matured, VC-funded startups that have proven themselves with solutions that are truly innovative.
The following startups are more companies that were chosen by us from a comprehensive list spanning across all verticals.
Retigence Technologies harnesses analytics for inventory management
Retigence Technologies is a predictive analytics company which focuses on optimising a company’s supply chain. Started in 2010, the company was founded by Srinibas Behera and Pramod Mishra.
The company’s core product is an inventory optimization app called "StockWise”, which is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed by any smartphone, tablet and PC. It uses number crunching technology that can tackle the scale, complexity and frequency of computation associated with supply chain inventory management.
Altuix Innovations engineers products for a connected enterprise 
Altiux Innovations is a product engineering, design and technology services company that helps clients to design, develop and deploy products and solutions for the connected world. Founded in 2013, Altiux is funded by Bit Chemy Ventures and is led by Shyam Vedantam, Keval Singh and Sunil Motaparti.
With expertise in M2M, IoT, mobility, big data, cloud and analytics, the company helps build products and solutions for companies in the consumer electronics, homes, intelligent buildings, smart cities and manufacturing verticals. It's core products are IoT solution accelerators comprising of device connectivity software, edgeware platform, analytics framework, mobility framework and reference hardware implementations.
AppPoint Software empowers enterprises with business applications
AppPoint aims to enable customers to establish their business management framework to accelerate innovation and differentiation. Founded in 2005, the company is led by Venki Muthana, Rajasekar Shanmugam and Chandra Shekhar Prabhakar.
Recognized by industry experts and adopted by leading corporates across diverse domains, the company’s flagship product comprises of a business application infrastructure suite. It began by offering an end-to-end integrated approach to develop and deliver enterprise class business applications and currently focuses on enabling other startups with new technology.
Simulanis Solutions harnesses AR and VR to bridge the skill gap 
Simulanis Solutions aims to revolutionize industrial training using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications. Founded by Raman Talwar in 2012, the company aims to filling the gap between the global and Indian core engineering standards by addressing the lack of hands-on learning and poor visualization of complex subject matter.
The company’s products help in effectively visualizing and conceptualizing engineering subject matter, including diagrams, schematics, processes, concepts, technical site operations. 
FeltSo utilizes AI for analytics in consumer sentiments
Feltso is a social review analytics platform which harnesses an artificial intelligence engine that collects, collates and analyses the customer feedback and present a simplistic analysis of consumer sentiments for any product or service. Founded in 2015 by Thota Santosh, its products are designed to address the challenge of effectively extracting insights from customer feedback.
FeltSo has modules, which are domain and industry specific. These modules provide accurate feature extraction analysis and sentiment analysis across various parameters, which in turn can be used to make strategic decisions. These analysis are customized for different geographical locations and helps to enhance customer experience.
Infruid Labs democratizes data analytics for enterprises 
Infruid Labs specializes in business analytics and data visualization. It was founded purely to provide businesses with solutions to democratize data analytics and enable key decision makers in the company with such insights.
It is headquartered in the US but has its development centre in Hyderabad. It has its patent Big Data Visualization platform – Vizard which is out there to help customers transform into data-driven organizations. Mahesh Yellai is the founder and CEO of Infruid Labs. 
Chizel Prints refines critical prototyping 
Chizel, picks on the critical aspect of prototyping for fine 3D printing. It works on putting together a dimensionally accurate prototype under crucial timelines. It could rather be introduced as an additive manufacturing design studio, wherein these designs are efficient and aesthetic at the same time.  
It takes it upon itself to transform the industries and various consumer sectors. Chizel currently caters to architecture, automotive, medical and IoT companies. They like to be called, the “Uber for 3D printing.” Yash Rane is the MD of Chizel Prints, which is based out of Pune city. 
EffiaSoft simplified ERP solution for SMEs  
EffiaSoft came into action in 2012 with the vision to be a solution provider for all type of retail trade. It serves as a multi-channel distribution aggregator. Its platform puts forth important retail modules like, inventory, billing, e commerce and ERP on a mobile app.
They boast of providing a cloud based ERP software for SMEs which is simple and yet exhaustive. EffaiSoft was founded by Koushik Shee, who is currently serving as CEO. 
With additional inputs from Priyanka Ganwani