How Qlik’s visual analytics platform helps with big data: Nilesh Kulkarni

Nilesh Kulkarni, pre sales head of Qlik, at CIO100 2017 spoke about how its new visual analytics platform can help business organizations with big data analytics.

Poojitha Jayadevan Sep 01st 2017

With Qlik’s new visual analytics platform, the manipulation and analytics of data is just a click away, said Nilesh Kulkarni, pre-sales head of Qlik, addressing IT heads at the CIO100 2017 in Pune, India.

Along with financial and sales related data, this platform can also do an executive analysis across various sectors and multiple entities. With Qlik as a solution, different types of data can be integrated together to give a better visual understanding of the whole scenario. One of its unique feature is identification of platinum customers without the need of any other query code as it can even work on large data sets.

Kulkarni added that Qlik can be integrated to home-grown apps and hence no separate app is required for data analysis. Qlik’s associative model broadens from linear data visualization to give a more visually pleasing result. The new platform can be implemented on something as simple as a chat bot. The queries are asked and answered in natural language as the platform has been developed to read them.

Some other highlights of the Qlik platform:

1)      Data: Their strategy being, “leave the data where it is”, integration of data is taken to the next level. They believe in bringing Qlik to data and not data to Qlik.

2)      Augmented intelligence: A successful combination of both machine learning and human intelligence is used to create a stronger user friendly platform.

3)      Hybrid cloud:  To support open and extensive platform for data driven apps, their platform is made on a hybrid cloud.