Indian CIOs should aim to become world leaders: Arun Firodia

Indian CIOs should aim to become world leaders: Arun Firodia

Padmashri awardee Arun Firodia advised more than 100 CIOs present at the CIO100 2017 to focus on solving Indian problems so as to become world leaders. 

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“CIO’s should move out of enterprise resource planning and look at solving complex Indian problems. The time has come to move away from ERP and get into manufacturing products,” said Arun Firodia, while talking to more than 100 CIO’s present at CIO100 2017 on innovation is leadership for business outcomes.

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Focus on India, and help solve India’s problems. Hone your skills in India. Aspire to be the most prized people in the world.

Arun Firodia

Chairman, Kinetic Group

Firodia advised the CIO’s to aim higher to become the most priced CIOs in the world and become world leaders. He says this can be achieved if the CIOs focus on solving Indian problems. India is currently the training ground for the CIOs.

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Traffic management, weather forecasting, tele medicine, tele consulting, agri-consulting, military, and technology innovation into manufacturing sector are some of the areas that demand the focus of Indian CIO’s, he said. He also believed that to become a CEO of a large organisation, the base is to become a CIO. “I believe every CEO should have been a CIO and should know technology,” said Firodia. 

Firodia is the chairman of the Kinetic Group and has given revolutionary products like Luna and Kinetic Honda to India. Firodia has been instrumental in designing a 90-seater aircraft, an earthquake warning system and an instrument to enable visually challenged people to listen to books or newspapers.