Infrastructure for the cognitive era: Ravi Jain, IBM

Infrastructure for the cognitive era: Ravi Jain, IBM

With a rich experience of over two decades, Ravi Jain, the associate director of IBM server solutions will provide insight on the infrastructure for the cognitive era.

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Ravi Jain is currently the associate director of IBM server solutions for India and South Asia. In his current role, he oversees business operations for IBM hardware solutions, including power and mainframe, as well as other related services for a wide range of clients and industries in the South Asia. Jain began his career with Infosys as a software engineer in 1991.

He joined IBM in 2002 as a sales specialist for System x. In his 15 long years of experience with IBM, he has undertaken various managerial roles, including product manager for System xTM, BladeCenterTM and IntelliStationTM. 

In his later role as a solution sales manager, Jain was responsible for managing sales of IBM's key accounts in the India/South Asia region. Jain did his mechanical engineering from IIT Delhi and also holds a management degree in supply chain and finance from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Ravi Jain will be speaking and sharing his views at the CIO Year Ahead 18 event in Bangalore on the topic 'Infrastructure for the cognitive era'.

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