Turn your data into a strategic asset: Huzefa Motiwala

Enterprises need to think of data not as a challenge, but as a critical asset, said Huzefa Motiwala, Director of Systems Engineering, India and SAARC at Commvault. He was addressing a select group of CIOs at the CIO100 2017, Pune India. 

Data is the new oil. It is no more just about the physical, financial and human assets; data is turning into a critical strategic asset for every organization.

At the Focus Business Series (FBS) session at CIO100 2017, Huzefa Motiwala, director of systems engineering, India and SAARC at Commvault, brought to light how organizations are tackling the data challenge.

“Businesses can gain competitive advantage by taking control of the data, but it is not as easy as it seems,” said Motiwala. “Data growth is driven by the infrastructure evolution and lines of business owners’ push for adoption.

“The curve towards hyper convergence is gaining momentum. IT leaders now have a plethora of options to choose from and avoid vendor lock-in,” he added.

Organizations not only want data backups but also data archives for compliance and analytical insights. Motiwala pointed out that Commvault data platform enables businesses to store their data in one single repository. According to a 2016 IDC Commvault survey, the platform led to 42 percent reduction in annual hardware spend and 52 percent reduction in annual software spend for enterprises. 

“Commvault data platform lets you know where and what your data is,” said Motiwala. It gives organizations a single dashboard, which can be used to track operational and management changes making them easily identifiable, he added.

The platform also enables enterprises to keep up with change in compliance, and dynamic regulations like the GDPR. It provides a single storage point that incorporates end point security and compliance, and helps companies avoid lock-ins.