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Unlocking Insights the Microsoft Way

To discuss how organizations can successfully impact business outcomes through analytics, and enable end-users to leverage BI tools without a steep learning curve, CIO magazine, in association with Microsoft, had recently held roundtables at Mumbai and Delhi.

How Dell PowerEdge VRTX Converges Servers, Storage, and Networking into a Single Chassis to Manage and Consolidate Business Applications.

The Dell PowerEdge VRTX is designed to deliver IT simplicity, efficiency and agility to offices of all sizes, and specifically for remote offices and small and midsize businesses.

Dell Storage SC4020: Extending the Benefits of Enterprise Storage to SMBs

In the past, advanced storage optimization techniques, available only at huge scale, were the secret to large enterprise success.

How the Former and Current CIOs at ING Vysya Bank Deal With Succession Planning

Succession planning isn’t about filling an empty chair.

Lasting Legacy: How to Make a Succession Planning Strategy

One in every five Indian CIOs will retire within the next two years. Do you have a succession plan?

10 Things You Need to Know About Satya Nadella, Microsoft's New CEO

At long last, after much searching, a flood of whispered rumors, and more than a little journalistic hand-wringing, Microsoft has found its new CEO: Satya Nadella.

IT Powers the India Shining Story

The efforts that IT leaders in India are putting to make it a better country.

"My Aim is to Make the Hyderabad Airport the Logistical Hub of India and South-Asia"

Hemanth D.P., COO-Hub Development, Free Trade Zone and Logistics Business at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad, wants to transform the airport into a logistical hub. To ramp up the amount of cargo the airport moves, he’s going to need IT. Here's his vision.

Checkmate Your Attackers

The security game has changed. The simple tactics of moves and counter moves is no longer working. More businesses are being successfully attacked despite the numerous point solutions available; worse, many don't even know they have been attacked until it's too late.

Synopsys CIO: We are Investing In Strategic Innovation

Debra Martucci, CIO and VP -IT at Synopsys and a former contractor to NASA, is upbeat about the company's investments in India.