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Pioneering Services Led IT Transformation

Heading an enterprise’s IT means answering thousands of questions every day. From business impacting decisions like how much to charge a customer for a service, to in-house daily process hold ups like whether to deny or approve an insurance claim. CIO Magazine, in association with Airtel, hosted a roundtable to discuss with CIOs and IT heads from various industries to discuss the latest thinking around managed IT services and how do they think it potentially benefits their IT.

Collaboration and Productivity : Airtel's New Mobility Order

Collaboration today has risen to become the next true source of efficacy and innovation in IT for business. CIO Magazine, in association with Airtel, conducted a roundtable to discuss how collaboration has impacted diverse businesses.

I-Day Special: Cry Freedom from the Support Function Tag!

As India celebrates the spirit of independence, Indian CIOs crack the code to freedom from the ‘support function’ tag.

I-Day Special: CIOs Draw the Line on Bypassing IT

This Independence Day Indian CIOs are hoping to find a way to stop LOBs from directly sourcing technology. 

Video Conferencing on the Cloud Gradually Gaining Ground: Lifesize

Cloud video conferencing is a game changer but traditional methods are still the major competitors, says Gagan Verma, regional director, India and SAARC region, Lifesize.

Hybrid Cloud Surge Gathers Momentum in India: CIO Research

According to CIO India’s Mid-Year Review 2014 survey, 48 percent of Indian CIOs are currently using, or planning to implement hybrid clouds in their organizations, compared to 35 percent last year.

How IT Helps Max Bupa Create a Customer-First Strategy

Somesh Chandra, Director-Customer Service, Operations, Technology and Chief Quality Officer, Max Bupa, puts his customers on a pedestal and is banking on IT to keep them there.

Indians Create Robot That Uses Social Media to Safeguard Your House

Named Bot-SO, this robot acts as a remote home surveillance system and communicates with users through twitter to alert them about intruders.

Why Indian CIOs Who Didn’t Get a Salary Hike--Deserved One

Compared to their peers who got a hike, these Indian CIOs are doing the right things but aren’t getting paid for it.   

Security should Work Independent of IT but Collaborate with It: SBIC

A recent report from the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) states that technology and security teams can work independently and still ensure minimal risks within their organizations.