Cognitive Computing Shifts Into High Gear

Cognitive computing is not the future, it is the present. Read more to understand how cognitive computing is being effectively utilised across a wide spectrum of automotive applications.

A Strategic Approach to Network Security: The New Architecture and Art of War

As enterprise networks face an unprecedented number of cyberattacks, organizations should adopt a tactical approach to securing their networks

Enterprise Cloud Computing: Poised to Rise in 2016

Beyond all the hype, emergence of enterprise cloud computing as a key business tool is a remarkable example of organizations following the way their employees are leading. Here is why it will rise as a key business element for 2016.

Private Cloud Makes Way for Hybrid Cloud: CIO Research

Better performance, more control, higher reliability, and reduced cost are few of the reasons why CIOs are adopting hybrid cloud, CIO Mid-year Review 2014 Survey showed.

Virtual private cloud market to grow at 26 percent CAGR during 2016-2022

A study by Infoholic Research forecasts that SMEs will dominate the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) market, which is estimated to reach $45.69 billion by 2022.

Device as a service (DaaS) in a digitally disrupted world

Today, businesses all over the world are grappling with a revolutionary wave of digital disruption that is redefining the fundamentals of the business world.

Shadow IT: How grave is it, really?

Shadow IT is real, and it’s here to stay. But is it something grave, something our IT top hats need to watch out for? 

Be open to listening, Vasu Primlani tells leaders

Speaker and standup comedian Vasu Primlani highlights the importance of a very neglected task by the leadership “listening” at the CIO Leadership Event 2016 in New Delhi. 

Corporate social responsibility initiatives by Hero MotoCorp

Vijay Sethi talks about the CSR activities in Hero MotoCorp

Self-defence, busting myths and taking a reality check

In a time when security in enterprises is becoming a big deal, personal safety is becoming even bigger. Antara Bhargava, founder of P.A.C.E., talked about how safety is important irrespective of gender and how enterprises can help individuals feel safer.