Leading Businesses are Moving Their IT Infrastructure to an Enterprise Cloud

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service , you can put your IT capacity worries behind you as you take advantage of elastic, secure, and low-cost infrastructure in the cloud.

Posted Date:24/08/2016

E-book: Moving Your Private Data Center in the Cloud

Explore the benefits a cloud infrastructure adoption can have for your business

Posted Date:24/08/2016

E-book: Oracle’s Integrated Cloud IaaS

Leverage a cloud infrastructure to achieve Instant productivity, reduced costs and increased agility

Posted Date:24/08/2016

Plug Into The Cloud with Oracle Database 12c

Designed for the cloud, Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant enables customers to make more efficient use of their IT resources while continuing to improve their users’ service levels and reduce IT costs.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:23/08/2016

Oracle Infrastructure and Platform Cloud Services Security

The global spending on IaaS is growing rapidly. Still, many CIOs hesitate to fully embrace cloud infrastructure and platform services. Their uncertainty stems mainly from the anxiety over the security of their systems and data. CIOs want to build scalable hybrid cloud solutions while taking the necessary steps to secure their data across their enterprises.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:23/08/2016

Oracle Storage Cloud Enables Infrastructure and Application Evolution

This research note provides a summary and first pass opinion of Oracle's Storage Cloud strategy and the degree to which it supports this premise, and what it means to enterprise IT management.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:22/08/2016

From Macrosystems to Microservices: Lightweight Development with the Oracle Cloud- An IDC Report

Modern enterprises now realize that they need to continually innovate and transform. Enterprises are also discovering that they need new software development competencies to carry through this transformation, unlike what they have been practicing. In the past five to ten years, we have seen a variety of new techniques make inroads into the enterprise.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:22/08/2016

The CIO’s Guide to Cloud Computing: A Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report

The adoption of cloud computing continues apace, with a growing number of high-profile companies making bold moves into the cloud and most organizations using at least some form of cloud services.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:22/08/2016

Dawn of the virtual private cloud

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is an ideal best-of-both world for CIOs looking for the flexibility, elasticity and scalability of public cloud but with the security and resilience of private cloud. Download this whitepaper to understand how a VPC allows you to move to an OpEx model with zero lock-in.

Source: Netmagic Posted Date:10/08/2016

Better Business in a Flash

Understand the benefits of Flash Storage to your business.

Posted Date:02/08/2016