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Cloud Services for Dummies, an IBM Limited Edition

Cloud services help companies turn IT resources into a flexible, elastic, and self-service set of resources that they can more easily manage and scale to support changing business needs.

Source: IBM Posted Date:15/05/2015

Enhanced 360º Degree view of the Customer

Combining data exploration, data governance, data access, data integration and analytics in a solution that harnesses the volume, velocity and variety, an enhanced 360-degree view of the customer is a holistic approach that takes into account all available and meaningful information about the customer to drive better engagement, more revenue and long-term loyalty. This infographic from IBM looks at why your business needs a 360º View of the Customer and how you can provide it.

Source: IBM Posted Date:15/05/2015

Delivering Trusted Information for the Modern Data Warehouse: Make Information Integration and Governance a Best Practice in the Big Data Era

To address the common challenges hindering big data and analytics initiatives, organizations need to adopt next-generation data warehouse environments with the scalability, speed and reliability to handle the demands of big data and fast-moving knowledge workers. This white paper from IBM looks at how to leverage data integration and governance to derive value from you big data and outlines the capabilities and technologies required to provide trusted information for a next-generation data warehouse.

Source: IBM Posted Date:15/05/2015

Cost-Benefit Case for IBM PureData System for Analytics

In a world of big data and real-time processing, the demands that data warehouses must meet are increasing. The general trend is toward use of appliances – i.e., integrated hardware and software packages optimized for high performance analytical query workloads. This International Technology Group compares the cost and benefits of IBM PureData System vs Oracle Exadata Database Machine for comparable applications and workloads.

Source: IBM Posted Date:15/05/2015

How Indian Cancer Facility Deliver Rapid Patient Treatment

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre (RGCI) provides high-quality diagnostic, treatment and multi-disciplinary care for patients with cancer. The center needed a storage management system that could scale to meet the capacity needed for data-intensive images and records. And due to the unpredictable nature of cancer progression, patient records need to remain readily accessible to consultants, surgeons and hospital staff.

The introduction of a hospital information system (HIS), picture archival and communications system (PACS), and electronic health record system (EHR) led to rapidly increasing volumes of data. Therefore, the institute deployed a Dell Compellent storage solution and Dell PowerEdge servers to deliver a stable, scalable platform for the hospital information system, PACS and electronic medical records.

Source: Dell Posted Date:13/04/2015

SDN Helps Indian Training Provider Deliver Learning-as-a-Service

IIHT Cloud Solutions is a group company of IIHT Limited, one of India’s leading IT education providers. It delivers a portfolio of 50 courses and trains around 60,000 students each year across India. A critical challenge for any IT training organization is to keep pace with the latest software versions and it takes 48 hours lead time and three engineers onsite to support the delivery of IT-certified courses at an IIHT training center.

Due to the high costs associated with IT training delivery, IIHT Cloud Solutions decided to establish a public cloud to deliver e-learning cloud services. As a result the Dell solution was chosen. And there has been no looking back. The solution provides simplified network complexity and supports simultaneous learning thus revolutionizing e-learning space.

Source: Dell Posted Date:13/04/2015

E-commerce Marketplace Leads Online Transformation

From its initial beginnings as an online bookseller, Flipkart sought a long-term technology partner who could help the company recognize the potential of online shopping within a country where increasing internet penetration was gradually shifting India’s consumers towards digital commerce.

Flipkart turned to Dell to provide the infrastructure to run its e-commerce business within a private cloud. Flipkart’s private cloud infrastructure powers the business and is built on Dell PowerEdge C-Series and R-Series servers.

Source: Dell Posted Date:13/04/2015

How a Financial Firm Improves Efficiency Using Dell’s Compellent Storage

Due to rapid growth in the volume of financial data being generated, Bajaj Capital needed a storage solution that could scale effectively, improve processing performance and ensure regulatory compliance.

Dell accepted the challenge. It provided the company with its Compellent Storage. It’s a complete storage solution that provides scalability over long term. It also improves processing performance and ensures regulatory compliance.

Source: Dell Posted Date:13/04/2015

Identify the right server for performance hungry workloads

Today’s large enterprises seek to enhance their IT infrastructure to achieve business results, leading   to an outstanding return on their technology investments.  Designed specifically for large enterprises, the Dell PowerEdge R920 server delivers tremendous flexibility across Performance hungry workloads.




Business benefits:

Delivers the performance, scalability and reliability enterprises need to achieve unprecedented efficiencies.

Enables enterprises to improve efficiency and agility.  

Lowers total cost of ownership and gain a flexible IT infrastructure that can scale with future growth.

Source: Dell Posted Date:02/04/2015

Identify the Right IT Vendor to Support your Mission-Critical Workloads

This IDC report examines the primary benefits of working with vendors investing in solutions that can process, support, and manage mission-critical workloads for cloud solutions, mobility capabilities, and data analytics initiatives in today's data centers. 

It highlights the important role of integrated design for enterprise products and services and the potential benefits of new server technologies and support, deployment, and management services.

Source: Dell Posted Date:02/04/2015