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Public vs. Private Cloud: No Longer a Debate?

CIOs are looking for new ways to intelligently integrate the two clouds - public and private -into true hybrid cloud environments.

Source: IBM Posted Date:25/03/2015

Mapping the Cloud Maturity Curve-The Fundamental Five: What Businesses Must Have in Place to Extract Maximum Value from the Cloud

This Economist Intelligence Unit paper identifies and explores the core foundational elements of a mature cloud strategy.

Source: IBM Posted Date:23/03/2015

Stepping Into The Cloud: A Practical Guide To Creating And Implementing A Successful Cloud Strategy

This practical guide offers steps for moving your company into the Cloud.

Source: IBM Posted Date:23/03/2015

Best Practice Security in a Cloud-Enabled World

This Frost & Sullivan paper provides best practices for ensuring a secure Cloud environment.

Source: IBM Posted Date:23/03/2015

Bare Metal Cloud: A Non-Virtualized Cloud Option for Performance-Sensitive Workloads

This Frost & Sullivan paper compares bare metal Cloud configurations with the more common virtualized Cloud configurations.

Source: IBM Posted Date:23/03/2015

How to Become a Mobile-first Enterprise

There is no doubt that mobility is now a business fact of life. Here's a checklist of critical items to consider when designing a mobile enterprise.

Source: IBM Posted Date:09/03/2015

Data Breaches: Finding the Perfect Remedy

The cost of data breaches is increasing. But there is some good news for those who want to limit the cost of these incidents: involving business continuity specialists in data breach response can help.

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/02/2015

Designing for Resilience: Choose the Best Cloud Strategy

One thing is certain: there is no one-cloud-fits-all strategy to ensure resilience.

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/02/2015

Is Your Network Prepared for the Mobile Onslaught?

Today’s IT leaders recognize that one of the most important challenges in implementing an intelligent mobile or BYOD strategy is securing the network.

Source: IBM Posted Date:20/02/2015

Don't Drop Your Guard On Mobile Security

Companies should safely introduce employee- or corporate-owned mobile devices into the work-place, identify the risks inherent in their broader access to corpo-rate data, and derive enhanced business value.

Source: IBM Posted Date:20/02/2015