Secure Digital Signing with SAP and SafeNet Hardware Security Modules

Download the whitepaper to explore how SAP and Gemalto's SafeNet HSMs together provide secure and trusted digital signing solutions.

Posted Date:15/09/2016

Data Visualization: Making Big Data Approachable and Valuable

A research report detailing how organizations are using data visualization to succeed with big data.

Posted Date:14/09/2016

A New Breed of Business Intelligence

Self-Service Analytics that your business and IT users will love.

Posted Date:14/09/2016

8 Best Practices to Stop Your Software Estate from Becoming a White Elephant

Do you want to risk a white elephant software estate? No?  Then discover measures that enhance both efficiency and effectiveness in controlling your software assets. Ensure your unique business needs are cost-effectively road-mapped for tomorrow’s evolving IT landscape.

Posted Date:06/09/2016

Leading Businesses are Moving Their IT Infrastructure to an Enterprise Cloud

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service , you can put your IT capacity worries behind you as you take advantage of elastic, secure, and low-cost infrastructure in the cloud.

Posted Date:24/08/2016

E-book: Meet and beat Data Center Infrastructure Challenges with Oracle Compute Cloud Service

With Oracle Compute Cloud Service, you get an environment that’s physically isolated from other tenants in the cloud, and you experience predictable performance—all this while you continue to enjoy the agility and flexibility of the cloud.

Posted Date:24/08/2016

E-book: Instant Productivity, Reduced Costs and Increased Agility with Oracle Cloud IaaS

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives peace of mind to today’s CIOs, DBAs, and Enterprise Architects, delivering an elastic, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure in the cloud.

Posted Date:24/08/2016

Amplify your IT resource pool with Oracle Database 12c

Designed for the cloud, Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Multitenant enables customers to make more efficient use of their IT resources while continuing to improve their users’ service levels and reduce IT costs.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:23/08/2016

Oracle Cloud Offers Secure Infrastructure and Platform Services

The global spending on IaaS is growing rapidly. Still, many CIOs hesitate to fully embrace cloud infrastructure and platform services. Their uncertainty stems mainly from the anxiety over the security of their systems and data. CIOs want to build scalable hybrid cloud solutions while taking the necessary steps to secure their data across their enterprises.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:23/08/2016

Oracle Storage Cloud Enables Infrastructure and Application Evolution

Technology vendors need to provide high levels of automation, orchestration and self-service and be able to fit in with enterprise IT mandates. The Oracle Storage Cloud brings to market a unique perspective on how to blend those two operational environments into a cohesive offering for Enterprise companies.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:22/08/2016