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How Usha International Reduced its Energy Consumption by 70 Percent

A whitepaper on how Usha International delivered 80 percent server consolidation and a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption by deploying Dell PowerEdge™ blade servers and a Dell PowerVault™ Tape library.

Source: Dell Posted Date:20/05/2014

Top Five Questions to Ask About your 10GbE Datacenter

Here’s some expert advice from Juniper, if you too, like most CIOs, were contemplating a leap to 10GbE datacenter networks.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:16/05/2014

How IBM is Driving Productivity in the Evolving Healthcare Industry

IBM's FlashSystem increases a business' performance by dramatically reducing storage latency.

Source: IBM Posted Date:16/05/2014

Can a Business Continuity Plan Save You from Natural Disasters? Yes.

In this whitepaper we learn how companies with no business continuity plan suffered losses in the tsunami in Japan in March 2011, the RIM BlackBerry global service outage in October 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:09/05/2014

How Can the Telecom Industry Answer the Call for Enhanced Performance?

This whitepaper explains how IBM FlashSystem storage delivers 50 times faster performance with reliable and cost effective flash storage solutions, provides near real-time performance acceleration for supported applications and optimises Operation Support Systems (OSS).

Source: IBM Posted Date:09/05/2014

Connecting Physical and Virtual Environments with Next-Gen Network Virtualization

Download a crisp whitepaper to see how VMware NSX network enables the programmatic connection of VLANs to logical networks, offers choice of NSX L2 gateway services across various switches, and physical networks in any datacenter topology, provides foundation for hardware accelerated VxLAN routing to support virtualized n etwork multi-tenancy and allows flexible workload placement and workload mobility.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:02/05/2014

Achieving Faster Oracle performance with IBM FlashSystem

This whitepaper will help you identify I/O performance bottlenecks, point out the best candidates for migration to a flash storage appliance and provide you an in-depth explanation of flash technology and possible implementations.

Source: IBM Posted Date:22/04/2014

Four Ways to Effectively Integrate ERP with Other Disparate Systems

Download this whitepaper to know how effective ERP integration can develop better execution with end-to-end visibility into processes and context so you can identify issues early, assess their impact, and resolve them, increase adaptability so that operational and business teams can staff according to workload and prioritize according to objectives and improve agility by creating new processes to either provide new services or adapt existing processes to improve response to demand and potentially generate new revenues.

Source: Tibco Posted Date:21/04/2014

Dell PowerEdge VRTX Helps You Redefine your IT Operations

In this whitepaper we explain how PowerEdge VRTX redefines flexibility with a stable platform, revolutionizes infrastructure design with the concept of integrated shared storage and resolves the problems of systems management tool proliferation and complexity in a unified, all-in-one console.

Source: Dell Posted Date:16/04/2014

Delivering Biggest Performance Boost to Your Business with Dell’s Flash Storage

This whitepaper explains how Dell Compellent flash-optimized solutions have changed the economics of flash storage – with solutions which combine enhancements in Data Progression with new flash and dense enclosures, broken the current pricing boundaries - with solutions that can provide performance at the capacity and price of a rotating disk and leveraged flash to improve workload performance - bringing in new economics of storage with advances in intelligent tiering and a unique use of multiple types of SSD drives.

Source: Dell Posted Date:08/04/2014