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Introducing the Software Defined Secure Network

Secure your networks with dynamic policy control, detection, and enforcement.

Posted Date:11/11/2016

Essentials of Secure, Reliable and Efficient Cloud Storage

Learn how you can transition to an easy to use, cost effective cloud based solution to store, manage and consume large amounts of unstructured data over the Internet. Find out how you can avoid large capital and operating expenditures by backing up your data and applications safely on the cloud.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:28/10/2016

Public PaaS for Dummies: Platform as a Service simplified

Download this special edition to learn everything you need to know in order to make a smooth transition to a cloud environment. Check out the use cases and find out how you can make the most of Platform as a Service.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:28/10/2016

Accelerating Innovation with Enterprise Cloud

Discover how you can drive innovation and reduce costs with an elastic, secure, low cost cloud infrastructure. Learn how to deploy an integrated, secure infrastructure solution that can scale with your business growth.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:28/10/2016

Give your IT operations the cloud edge

Here’s your detailed guide on how to deploy IaaS and PaaS services at your data center in a comprehensive, secure and cost effective manner. Find out how you can make the transition to a flexible infrastructure that moves your business forward.

Source: Oracle Posted Date:28/10/2016

Make Your Applications Fly with NetApp Flash 3-4-5

Reduce your storage footprint, costs and management time.

Posted Date:24/10/2016

The 24x7 Enterprise: Keeping outages at bay

With business goals highly dependent on IT, even a single device failure can have an enterprise-wide impact and every minute of downtime can result in massive productivity losses. Learn how to put in place a comprehensive and proactive IT technical support strategy to minimize downtime. 

Source: IBM Posted Date:18/10/2016

Mitigating Risk in a Complex, Integrated IT environment

New technologies like cloud, analytics, mobility and social are based on a common foundation of connectivity and integration. While these technologies provide significant benefits to your business, increased integration can bring new risks to your IT environment. Here’s how you can mitigate those risks.

Source: IBM Posted Date:18/10/2016

Getting the most out of your Multi-vendor environment

In a bid to deliver superior Omni-channel customer experience banks are transforming their branch environments with latest ATM and other technologies. However mixing new technologies with multi-vendor legacy systems can pose complex maintenance challenges. Find out how you can proactively overcome them.

Source: IBM Posted Date:18/10/2016

Support in the SMAC Era

With the advent of social, mobility, analytics and cloud, you need an infrastructure that enables breakthrough productivity gains through analytics, integrated service management, virtualization, energy stewardship and flexible delivery choices.  Learn how to ensure a higher level of service to keep a complex and responsive IT environment running.

Source: IBM Posted Date:18/10/2016