Make Your Applications Fly with NetApp Flash 3-4-5

Reduce your storage footprint, costs and management time.

Posted Date:24/10/2016

Success That Scales: Delivering Security Intelligence for Organizations of All Size

This white paper looks at how to deliver security intelligence for organisations of all sizes.

Posted Date:30/09/2016

IBM Security Intelligence on Cloud

This data sheet examines cost effective ways to add threat protection and compliance reporting.

Posted Date:30/09/2016

Transforming User IT Support: Bringing Users and Resolution Closer Together

This white paper looks at the right-to-left strategy to help reduce per-user costs while improving productivity.

Posted Date:30/09/2016

IBM Expertise, Analytical Tools to Help Develop Roadmap to Desired Mobile Environment

This white paper looks at how you can improve your mobile infrastructure with the IBM Business in Motion Accelerator Workshop.

Posted Date:30/09/2016

From Macrosystems to Microservers: Lightweight Development with the Oracle Cloud

The importance of software has continued to be highlighted over the years however, the technical skill needed to master software development is still as highly sought after. Furthermore, the challenge of creating software that is of a high quality, productive and successful still exists today. This white paper looks at the evolving practices in successful software development whilst outlining the benefits of the move towards cloud architecture

Source: Oracle Posted Date:30/09/2016

SoftLayer Security and Compliance

Cloud-computing is rarely thought of favourably when it comes to discussions surrounding security. However, the majority of cloud providers operate on a security level that many organizations could only hope to implement and maintain. This white paper looks at how security is woven into the very core of SoftLayer, providing a consistent level of protection for your data.

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/09/2016

Hybrid Cloud: SoftLayer & VMware - How VMware Customers Can Optimize with SoftLayer

By leveraging SoftLayer’s Infrastructure as a Service, existing VMware customers are able to gain a strategic advantage and still retain the capabilities of their vSphere infrastructure. This white paper looks at the benefits of migrating VMware environments into SoftLayer in a hybrid cloud configuration and outlines some of the key areas where SoftLayer increases VMware value proposition.

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/09/2016

Consider Bare-Metal as a Viable Cloud Option

Cloud-computing is undoubtedly changing the technology management landscape and the emergence of the model known as the ‘bare-metal cloud’ looks to continue this. By combining the service components of public and private forms of cloud computing, the bare metal cloud is able to design and deliver an optimal customer experience. This white paper discusses bare-metal clouds, outlining how they differ from other cloud options and the benefits they can offer.

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/09/2016

Secure Digital Signing with SAP and SafeNet Hardware Security Modules

Download the whitepaper to explore how SAP and Gemalto's SafeNet HSMs together provide secure and trusted digital signing solutions.

Posted Date:15/09/2016