2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Impact of Business Continuity Management

The 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Study, sponsored by IBM, quantifies the economic impact of data breaches and observes cost trends over time.

Source: IBM Posted Date:10/11/2015

The Future-Ready Enterprise

Building a technology strategy can be like building a house: Even the humblest structure evolves from a blueprint. This paper reveals how the future-ready enterprise strategy gives organisations a blueprint for bridging the gaps.

Source: Dell Posted Date:05/11/2015

Superior value at every scale – today and tomorrow

Is your business limited by inefficient, closed, and complex systems? This paper reveals how with Dell Enterprise Solutions, you can optimize your enterprise today with innovative technology solutions that maximize efficiency, accelerate results and unleash productivity.

Source: Dell Posted Date:05/11/2015

The new innovation economy of data, APIs, mobile apps and the Internet of Things

The traditional understanding of the information economy is giving way to a new variation that will have an enormous impact on jobs, wealth and entire industries. This new economy has its roots in data, but of equal importance are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and mobile apps and a fourth factor working as an accelerator on the other three: the Internet of Things.

Source: IBM Posted Date:28/10/2015

Provisioning 2.0: The Future of Provisioning

This white paper from Goode Intelligence (GI) sponsored by RSA, explores how existing provisioning solutions are failing to support the business in an era where new IT service models are rapidly being deployed. New IT service models that support mobile and cloud computing have created problems for organizations that are already struggling with outdated identity and access governance tools.

Source: RSA Security Posted Date:23/10/2015

The Evolution of Provisioning

Traditional provisioning has failed to deliver on its promised benefits. Over the years, organizations have struggled to keep up with increasing demands around cloud, mobile, and compliance. A new approach to provisioning is needed!

Source: RSA Security Posted Date:23/10/2015

The Information Confidence Calculator: Measuring Confidence in Big Data

This report will introduce the Information Confidence Calculator, explain its methodology, and offer guidance on how to use the tool and your confidence score to define comfort levels around the decisions driven by customer data.

Source: IBM Posted Date:16/10/2015

Open Networks: Turning the Vision into Reality

This white paper describes how the open networking ecosystem can benefit organizations.

The advent of x86-based servers fostered an open computing ecosystem that allowed enterprises to choose applications and operating systems based on specific business and organizational requirements. Now, a similar transformation is sweeping across data center networks. This white paper describes how the open networking ecosystem can benefit organizations and discusses the part Dell is playing to help turn the open networking vision into reality.

Source: Dell Posted Date:01/10/2015

Training Provider delivers Learning-as-a-Service through Software Defined Networking

This infographic case study looks at the business impact IIHT Cloud Solutions saw from deploying software-defined networking.

IIHT Cloud Solutions is one of India’s leading IT education providers, delivering a portfolio of 50 courses and to around 60,000 students each year via its training centers. The company wanted to deliver Learning-as-a-Service to internal training centers and enterprise customers based on a cost-effective IT training model that would reduce complexity and improve flexibility in delivering resource intensive IT certification programs. This infographic case study looks at the technology IIHT used to deploy software-defined networking and the benefits it saw. 

Source: Dell Posted Date:01/10/2015

The Total Economic Impact of IBM MobileFirst Platform

This Forrester white paper outlines the benefits and costs of deploying IBM’s MobileFirst Platform.

Source: IBM Posted Date:01/10/2015