Make smarter and agile business decisions employing BPM metrics

This white paper explores critical metrics-related questions that assume considerable significance in businesses where efficiency and speed are the norm for generating maximum value. When it comes to measurable metrics there are a whole lot of parameters that have to be explored to gauge the level of success of your business objectives. It also succinctly delves on the ‘Best Practices’ of BPM Metrics. 

Source: Schneider Electric Posted Date:18/07/2016

Managing security risks and vulnerabilities

Security breaches are always being reported in the media but what are organisations doing about it? This white paper reveals how organisations can protect high-value assets and provide cost-effective integrated security across the entire IT department.

Source: IBM Posted Date:18/07/2016

Success that scales: Delivering security intelligence for organizations of all sizes

Today’s cybercriminals cannot wait to get their hands on confidential information. This is why organisations need to be ahead of the curve. This white paper reveals how IBM’s Intelligence Platform can add new capabilities or expand storage capacity and performance.

Source: IBM Posted Date:18/07/2016

Flash storage for Dummies

A look at flash technology, what it is, how it evolved, and why you should consider it for your storage infrastructure.

Posted Date:30/06/2016

Investing Strategically in All Flash Arrays

Organizations can deploy NetApp’s All Flash FAS arrays for specific applications instantly and later extend them to private and hybrid cloud based applications

Posted Date:30/06/2016

Why All-Flash Arrays are Poised for Mainstream Adoption

All flash arrays enables businesses to be responsive to new customer demands, emerging market opportunities and fast-paced competition.

Posted Date:30/06/2016

Why the Qlik Approach is Unique

Qlik’s innovative associative model enables users to probe all the possible associations that exist in their data, across all data sources, to answer not just “What happened?”, but “Why?”, and “What is likely to happen?”

Posted Date:16/06/2016

Qlik® Sense

Qlik Sense is a next-generation self-service data visualization application that empowers everyone to easily create a range of flexible, interactive visualizations that drive exploration and discovery through intuition.

Posted Date:16/06/2016

Quantifying the Economic Value of a SolidFire Deployment

IT organizations are under constant pressure to support the latest business critical applications with high performance storage solutions. Not given the freedom to spend more, these organizations must instead spend more wisely.

Source: NetApp Posted Date:16/06/2016

Calculate RoI of IBM FlashSystem

Use this tool to determine your savings with lower storage TCO over a three-year period. View the incremental benefit of IBM Flash System on IT efficiency and user improvements.

Source: IBM Posted Date:01/06/2016