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Data Breaches: Finding the Perfect Remedy

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/02/2015

Designing for Resilience: Choose the Best Cloud Strategy

Source: IBM Posted Date:27/02/2015

Is Your Network Prepared for the Mobile Onslaught?

Today’s IT leaders recognize that one of the most important challenges in implementing an intelligent mobile or BYOD strategy is securing the network.

Source: IBM Posted Date:20/02/2015

Don't Drop Your Guard On Mobile Security

Companies should safely introduce employee- or corporate-owned mobile devices into the work-place, identify the risks inherent in their broader access to corpo-rate data, and derive enhanced business value.

Source: IBM Posted Date:20/02/2015

Leveraging the Cloud to Boost Business Resiliency

A study on the economic impact of IT risks indicates that an outage of less than 20 minutes can cost an organization more than $1 million. Choosing the right cloud solution can help avoid this risk.

Source: IBM Posted Date:13/02/2015

Cloud Resiliency Transformation Made Easy

This whitepaper highlights four simple steps that organizations should take in order to realize business resiliency in the cloud.

Source: IBM Posted Date:13/02/2015

Transformational IT Outsourcing--A Blueprint to Success

In today’s scenario, organizations are looking at better collaboration, communication and decision-making tools. The Whitepaper focusses on three major service management pillars: people, technology and processes.



Source: Dell Posted Date:04/02/2015

Simplifying Systems Management with Dell OpenManage on 13G Dell PowerEdge

With advantages such as fast deployment, improved connectivity, automated maintenance and easier updating, Dell servers are among the best in the business.

Source: Dell Posted Date:23/01/2015

Unified Communications, Efficient IT

As a top global systems integrator for Microsoft Lync, Dell addresses business concerns with a one-stop solution without hidden costs.

Source: Dell Posted Date:23/01/2015

Powering Ahead with Dell's PowerEdge R630 Server

Dell’s PowerEdge R630 on a SSD-based configuration can help businesses become more efficient.

Source: Dell Posted Date:23/01/2015