What You Need to Know Now About Next Generation Data Protection Architecture

Most enterprises already know that having the ability to not only protect, but recover your data from system disruptions and data loss— and quickly—are mission-critical components of your business. This paper takes you through the driving forces behind these rapidly evolving data protection architectures, the trends you’ll want to be keeping an eye on, what we should all demand of next generation architectures, and the state of the current market landscape.

Source: Arcserve Posted Date:31/08/2015

High Availability is not a Luxury

When markets are global, employees work around the clock and business is effectively always on, any interruption to application availability can quickly lead to lost revenue, lost productivity, lost brand value, and regulatory problems. Read on to learn how to deal with this type of existential threat.

Source: Arcserve Posted Date:31/08/2015

Data Protection Trends and Transformation in Asia Pacific

Modern demands such as virtualization are driving changes in data protection strategies. Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) conducted an online survey completed by 150 IT professionals to get an insight into the Data Protection landscape across Asia Pacific. Read on to understand how your counterparts around the region are managing their data protection strategies.

Source: Arcserve Posted Date:31/08/2015

Making Smart Decisions in Evaluating and Selecting a Supplier of Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure is one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT industry. Integrated infrastructure “bundles” ease deployment challenges, reduce capital equipment expenses, facilitate scalability and reduce management complexity. Converged infrastructure lends itself well to a wide variety of workloads due to a combination of small physical footprint, compute and storage density, low power consumption, easier management and affordable price points.

Source: Dell Posted Date:25/08/2015

PowerEdge FX: Workload-defined converged infrastructure

It’s power is in its precision. PowerEdge FX takes a more modular approach to converged infrastructure, which gives you the flexibility to tailor converged compute, storage and networking resources to meet specific workload requirements.

Source: Dell Posted Date:25/08/2015

Exploring the Suitability of Converged Infrastructure Solutions for Enterprises

With the growing need to adopt converged infrastructure solutions, Ovum recommends that organisations should identify and classify the workloads. Once they understand the workloads, it is then a matter of identifying the metrics for selecting the most appropriate approach.The market in converged infrastructure, or integrated systems, has emerged in recent years to become one of the fastest growing segments of the infrastructure market. By Ovum’s definition of this market, a converged system is a solution that is a combination of server, storage, and network infrastructure with an integrated management capability.

Source: Dell Posted Date:25/08/2015

Dell Technology Outlook 2015

The next five years promise exciting times in human history, holding the potential to usher in new technologies that will make us smarter, more productive, and possibly healthier. At the same time, these technologies will free up more time for us to focus on the aspects of our lives that we find truly meaningful. This paper from Dell outlines 10 predictions on technological events that will happen over the next five years and explores how these events will transform the performance, cost, and agility of an organization’s technology infrastructure.

Posted Date:13/08/2015

Shutterstock Keeps Pictures Moving with MetaFabric Architecture for its Private Cloud Data Center Expansion

Shutterstock collects more than 2.5 terabytes of data every day from photographers, videographers, and designers submitting tens of thousands of new art to be chosen for sale through the marketplace. Shutterstock wanted to re-architect and expand its data centers to keep pace with their exponential growth. This case study from Juniper looks at the technology Shutterstock used to expand its data centre operations.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:13/08/2015

Benefits of a Modernized Data Center Architecture

In businesses today, it’s all about the applications. Cloud, mobility, big data, and social media have made applications more critical than ever to delivering business outcomes. Are you confident that you have the right data center network to support your business-critical applications? Read on for five benefits that the MetaFabric architecture delivers to the modern data center.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:13/08/2015

Chart your path to the cloud with tactical steps and clear business outcomes

When you’re venturing into new territory, you want to be sure to have the right guide. Whether your approach is evolutionary or revolutionary, Dell consultants can help you define a strategy that includes the right technology, operational considerations, actionable plan and financial justification for your transition to the cloud.

Source: Dell Posted Date:07/07/2015