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    Dell Technology Outlook 2015

    The next five years promise exciting times in human history, holding the potential to usher in new technologies that will make us smarter, more productive, and possibly healthier. At the same time, these technologies will free up more time for us to focus on the aspects of our lives that we find truly meaningful. This paper from Dell outlines 10 predictions on technological events that will happen over the next five years and explores how these events will transform the performance, cost, and agility of an organization’s technology infrastructure.

    Posted Date:13/08/2015

    Shutterstock Keeps Pictures Moving with MetaFabric Architecture for its Private Cloud Data Center Expansion

    Shutterstock collects more than 2.5 terabytes of data every day from photographers, videographers, and designers submitting tens of thousands of new art to be chosen for sale through the marketplace. Shutterstock wanted to re-architect and expand its data centers to keep pace with their exponential growth. This case study from Juniper looks at the technology Shutterstock used to expand its data centre operations.

    Source: Juniper Posted Date:13/08/2015

    Benefits of a Modernized Data Center Architecture

    In businesses today, it’s all about the applications. Cloud, mobility, big data, and social media have made applications more critical than ever to delivering business outcomes. Are you confident that you have the right data center network to support your business-critical applications? Read on for five benefits that the MetaFabric architecture delivers to the modern data center.

    Source: Juniper Posted Date:13/08/2015

    Chart Your Path to the Cloud with Tactical Steps and Clear Business Outcomes

    When you’re venturing into new territory, you want to be sure to have the right guide. Whether your approach is evolutionary or revolutionary, Dell consultants can help you define a strategy that includes the right technology, operational considerations, actionable plan and financial justification for your transition to the cloud.

    Source: Dell Posted Date:07/07/2015

    What Makes a Private Cloud a CLOUD?

    Organizations of every size have the capability to build a private cloud, and frankly, they should. Private clouds are the means for IT to re-establish its value back to the business — enabling productivity, competitive advantage, and increased customer service.

    Source: Dell Posted Date:01/07/2015

    Accelerating business responsiveness through Dell private cloud solutions

    Building a private cloud with Dell will help your organization empower users and customers with the right service levels, optimize application delivery total cost of ownership, and enable service-centric IT that accelerates business responsiveness.

    Source: Dell Posted Date:01/07/2015

    Reduce up-front purchases through hyper converged infrastructure appliances

    A key enabler for the transition from infrastructure-centric to service-centric application delivery will be the hyper converged infrastructure appliance.

    Source: Dell Posted Date:01/07/2015

    How to Optimize your Resource Consumption by Reducing the Complexities of Infrastructure Management

    In order to support an environment of continual evolution while meeting the ever increasing competitive pressures and user expectations driven by an “always on, instant access” smart device culture, future-ready data centers must improve operational efficiency, optimize flexibility and ensure maximum uptime.

    Source: Dell Posted Date:01/06/2015

    Optimising IT Operations by Selecting the Right Vendor to Manage your IT Infrastructure

    This IDC white paper examines the primary benefits of working with vendors investing in solutions that can process, support, and manage mission-critical workloads for cloud solutions, mobility capabilities, and data analytics initiatives in today's data centers.

    Source: Dell Posted Date:01/06/2015

    Cloud Services for Dummies, an IBM Limited Edition

    Cloud services help companies turn IT resources into a flexible, elastic, and self-service set of resources that they can more easily manage and scale to support changing business needs.

    Source: IBM Posted Date:15/05/2015