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IP Application Accelerator

IP Application Accelerator ensures high performance and reliability for business critical IP applications delivered over the Internet – with no significant IT infrastructure investment.

Source: Akamai Posted Date:10/12/2013

How Website Acceleration Services can Deliver Rich, Personalized Web Experiences Globally

Download this whitepaper to know how Verizon Terremark can help organizations deliver performance increases for rich, dynamic, interactive content, thereby reducing user abandonment, increase order size, repeat business, and increase revenue and gain valuable insight into infrastructure demands through site and visitor reporting.

Source: Verizon Posted Date:09/12/2013

How to Meet Your Mobile Subscriber Without Compromising on Performance?

In this case study, we explain how Akamai can help you improve mobile performance - mobile accelerator capabilities leverages many of the “fixed line” benefits to mobile web sites, help you with greater user engagement – not just performance optimizations, but also device specific versions of a site on a device-by-device basis and help control IT Costs –with reduced expensive infrastructure investments necessary to deliver highly valued mobile experiences.

Source: Verizon Posted Date:29/11/2013

How to Leverage Big Data in Motion to Augment Profits

Download this whitepaper to know how Big Data in Motion can allow the implementation of a wide range of intelligent trading algorithms, methodologies and styles, enable multi-leg strategies that can take many forms but typically involve multiple simultaneous transactions and help extrapolate future movements and make trading decisions based on real-time market movements.

Source: Tibco Posted Date:29/11/2013

Manage Risk, Mitigate Threats

To protect your organization against the most aggressive threat environment in the history of IT, you need a strategy that unifies the components of a complete security program. That’s HP Enterprise Security—a risk-based, adversary-centric approach to threat protection.

Source: HP Posted Date:23/11/2013 Pages:2

F5 Synthesis: Applications without Constraints

F5 Synthesis is a new architectural vision for delivering application services without constraints. By leveraging a high-performance services fabric, F5 Synthesis delivers the applications businesses depend on securely, rapidly, and reliably.

Source: F5 Posted Date:23/11/2013 Pages:7

HP 2012 Cyber Risk Report

In the HP 2012 Cyber Risk Report, HP Enterprise Security provides a broad view of the vulnerability landscape, ranging from industry-wide data down to a focused look at different technologies, including Web and mobile. The goal of this report is to provide the kind of actionable security that intelligence organizations need to understand the vulnerability landscape as well as best deploy their resources to minimize security risk.

Source: HP Posted Date:21/11/2013 Pages:23

The Next Evolution: Software Defined Application Services

Successful management of increased pressure on network and application infrastructure requires flexibility and dynamism across data centers, clouds, and managed environments.

Source: F5 Posted Date:21/11/2013 Pages:12

Building a DDoS Protection Architecture

The components of the F5 DDoS solution support high-scale, high-performance architectures, with full-proxy, deep application fluency. They provide an intrinsic security because they are inline and already inspecting every single user connection instead of sampling or watching traffic off a mirrored port. This is what has enabled F5 customers around the world to combat DDoS every single day for more than 10 years.

Source: F5 Posted Date:21/11/2013 Pages:2

Product Brief: Site Defender

Kona Site Defender defends against all types of DDoS, web applications and direct-to-origin attacks – and our optional Akamai eDNS solution mitigates attacks on DNS infrastructure.

Source: Akamai Posted Date:21/11/2013 Pages:2