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Crucial Need for a Hardware-Optimized Platform for Business-Critical Applications

IDC believes that by combining software-defined elements with purpose-built hardware, platforms like the NetApp FAS8080 EX offer an unparalleled value proposition when it comes to solving some of the key challenges faced by businesses today.

Source: NetApp Posted Date:23/12/2014

Dissecting 2014’s Application Threat Activities with Palo Alto Networks

Today’s attacks are hiding in plain sight and use applications such as FTP, RDP, SSL, and netbios to achieve their objectives. With this premise as the backdrop, the Application Usage and Threat Report (June 2014) from Palo Alto Networks provides a global view into enterprise application usage and the associated cyber threat landscape

Source: Palo Alto Network Posted Date:12/09/2014

Cloud Strategies of Online Collaboration Software Vendors – A Forrester Report

Using a 38-criteria evaluation of cloud strategies of online collaboration software vendors, Forrester has identified eight significant services providers in the category and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report details Forrester’s findings about how well each vendor fulfills the criteria for constructing an online collaboration service and where they stand in relation to each other.

Download this whitepaper to:

• Know how different online collaboration software vendors fare in areas such as global footprint, SLAs, mobile support, and enterprise readiness

• Know the key criteria that CIOs should evaluate when looking at prospective online collaboration services

• Understand how both large and small vendors are creating enterprise-ready online solutions

Source: IBM Posted Date:01/09/2014

Test Whitepaper

Source: Accenture Posted Date:01/09/2014

Live Chat's New ROI

This whitepaper contains detailed information and step-by-step implementation plans which will help readers extract maximum value from pro-active live chat. It also contains analytic techniques, reporting recommendations, and realistic timelines for implementing a pro-active chat program that simultaneously increases conversions and boosts the individual value of each resulting transaction.

Source: LogMeIn Posted Date:28/08/2014

How Usha International Reduced its Energy Consumption by 70 Percent

A whitepaper on how Usha International delivered 80 percent server consolidation and a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption by deploying Dell PowerEdge™ blade servers and a Dell PowerVault™ Tape library.

Source: Dell Posted Date:20/05/2014

Top Five Questions to Ask About your 10GbE Datacenter

Here’s some expert advice from Juniper, if you too, like most CIOs, were contemplating a leap to 10GbE datacenter networks.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:16/05/2014

How IBM is Driving Productivity in the Evolving Healthcare Industry

IBM's FlashSystem increases a business' performance by dramatically reducing storage latency.

Source: IBM Posted Date:16/05/2014

Can a Business Continuity Plan Save You from Natural Disasters? Yes.

In this whitepaper we learn how companies with no business continuity plan suffered losses in the tsunami in Japan in March 2011, the RIM BlackBerry global service outage in October 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Source: Juniper Posted Date:09/05/2014

How Can the Telecom Industry Answer the Call for Enhanced Performance?

This whitepaper explains how IBM FlashSystem storage delivers 50 times faster performance with reliable and cost effective flash storage solutions, provides near real-time performance acceleration for supported applications and optimises Operation Support Systems (OSS).

Source: IBM Posted Date:09/05/2014