Executive summary

SD-WAN : Make your enterprise more agile and secure

NTT Com India-Netmagic SD-WAN brings forth the next generation WAN connectivity solution for Indian enterprises in today’s cloud centric environment where agility, flexibility and ease of management of entire network from a single user interface are paramount, and all this is delivered by reducing the overall TCO of the entire network.

By adopting a SD-WAN solution which works over the available transport media, we address key issue of “last mile connectivity” in Indian scenario as it delivers a solution which provides the user the flexibility to choose amongst various connectivity modes such as MPLS, Internet lease lines, Broadband, LTE dongle) at each remote location depending upon their availability and quality.

Why NTT Com India-Netmagic SD-WAN?

  • Provides application visibility – What is running on the network?
  • Simple interface that is easy to configure and manage
  • Swiftly build virtualised network functions and centralised configuration tools for greater streamlined IT operations
  • Ability to support VPNs, and third party NFV services
  • Multi-tenancy and Seamless Cloud connect
  • Both cloud-based security and centralised management to minimise breaches and apply consistency policies
  • Ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purpose
  • Zero-touch-provisioning for remote locations with little or no onsite technical presence
  • NTT Com-Netmagic provides one stop ICT provisioning with NW, DC and Cloud Solutions over your WAN
  • Customer Portal for Provisioning and NW configuration with Dashboard
  • Rapidly Deployable and Scalable WAN Solution
  • Self-managed and controlled QOS per application
  • Automated branch and Services orchestration